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MaxMara reportedly bringing back Nancy Pelosi's viral fire-colored coat

(WASHINGTON) -- After Nancy Pelosi walked out of the White House in a fire-red, high-collared coat earlier this week after a contentious meeting with President Trump, her sartorial statement went so viral that the coat's designer, MaxMara, is reportedly planning to bring back the design in 2019.The House minority leader,…... Read More

Female-led films outperform male-led movies at the box office

(LOS ANGELES) -- This year has been a pivotal time for women in Hollywood with the emergence of the Time’s Up and the #MeToo movements.Feminism has been pushed to the forefront, and more women in film are raising their voices for gender equality in show business.A recent study examining top-grossing…... Read More

Amazon workers in Staten Island announce plans to unionize

(NEW YORK) -- Amazon workers at a Staten Island warehouse are launching a campaign to unionize, officials at the retail workers union confirmed on Wednesday.Employees at the Staten Island facility spoke about what they called problematic workplace conditions at a press conference in front of New York City Hall.The news…... Read More

'Sesame Street' takes on homelessness with a Muppet named Lily

(NEW YORK) -- "Sesame Street" is bringing back an old friend to help tackle the issue of homelessness among kids.Lily, a 7-year-old Muppet, and her family are staying with friends on Sesame Street after losing their home.She will be featured in new videos, interactive activities for families and storybooks available…... Read More

A McLaren SUV? Why it will never happen

(NEW YORK) -- Lamborghini, Porsche and Maserati have one. Ferrari and Aston Martin are working on theirs.But don’t expect an SUV from McLaren. The British supercar maker just unveiled its latest model, the sleek, $315,000 720S Spider. “There are three reasons why there will not be a McLaren SUV,” Tony…... Read More

Good Samaritan gives away frequent flyer miles to fly people home for the holidays

(NEW YORK) -- An entrepreneur who travels the world for work has made the holidays brighter for a group of complete strangers by giving them his frequent flyer miles.Peter Shankman’s donation is allowing five people from across the country to fly home over the holidays.“It’s pretty neat,” said Shankman, a…... Read More

BBB: Deceptive 'free trial' offers, fake celebrity endorsements are a billion dollar problem

(NEW YORK) -- Millions of people in the U.S. have been victimized by scams involving “free trial” offers or subscription plans in disguise, both of which are often promoted with deceptive ads, some with fake celebrity endorsements, according to a new Better Business Bureau report.The report, released exclusively to ABC…... Read More

CEO pens post to working parents and the internet is cheering

(NEW YORK) -- A CEO is making news. Not because of a deal she brokered or a company she acquired.She's making news by telling working parents to go home.Charity Delmo, the CEO and founder of Ideal Visa Consultancy in the Philippines, has a new rule: "Family over boss."Delmo's now-viral post…... Read More

Who gets the dog in the divorce? Enter the pet prenup

(NEW YORK) -- Have a conversation with a dog lover and you’ll quickly figure out that their pup is an integral part of the family. The bond is a tight one and the thought of being separated is incomprehensible. So what happens when “pet parents” decide to split?Breakups are never…... Read More

Chinese exec's arrest comes at sensitive time, part of years-old clash with U.S. over tech giant

(WASHINGTON) -- American and Chinese leaders are now in an international showdown over the U.S.-orchestrated arrest of a top executive at Huawei Technologies, the Chinese telecom giant that has become the world's biggest supplier of network equipment for phone and internet services.The executive, Meng Wanzhou, was being detained in Canada…... Read More

Google says it didn't use resources to target Latino voters in 2016

(WASHINGTON) -- In a testy exchange in front of the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai refuted allegations that the company targeted Latino voters during the 2016 U.S. elections.During a hearing on Google’s data collection and filtering practices, Ohio Republican Jim Jordan alleged that in 2016, the…... Read More