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Mysterious smell plaguing California residents and sparking finger-pointing

(ORANGE COUNTY, Calif.) -- Residents of several Orange County, California cities are complaining about a strange, mysterious odor in the air -- and local municipal agencies seem to be pointing fingers at each other as to the cause of the bad smell.The odor is affecting cities like Orange, Anaheim Hills,…... Read More

Hiker survives 6 days on mountain by hunting bees and plucking huckleberries

(NEW YORK) -- A hiker missing for six days on Washington state's Mount St. Helens survived on huckleberries and bees that he killed and ate, according to the man's parents.Matthew Matheny, 40, who was visiting the area from Warren, Ohio, was found alive Wednesday on the side of the mountain…... Read More

More than half of drowsy-driving accidents caused by drivers younger than 25: Report

(NEW YORK) -- It happens far too often: Drivers struggle to keep their eyes open, putting themselves and other drivers at risk.Earlier this year, a driver launched nearly 30 feet through his windshield after slamming into a tollbooth in Florida.Officials later discovered drowsy driving was the cause.A report from the…... Read More

4 ways to relax at your office on National Relaxation Day

(NEW YORK) -- Wednesday is National Relaxation Day.If you are stuck at work and missing out on a spa day or reading at the beach, relax, literally.We've got you covered."Good Morning America" turned to two experts for tips on how to relax while you're at work.The good news is that…... Read More

Sleep loss can make people more isolated and lonely: Study

BY: DR. RICHA KALRA DR. RYAN GUINNESS(NEW YORK) -- It only takes one sleepless night to ruin social interactions and make people feel lonely, a new study showed.In 1942 the average American used to sleep about 7.9 hours, according to the National Gallup survey, but now the average American's busy…... Read More

New 'zombie' gene found in elephants could help humans fight cancer

(NEW YORK) -- They may not be the fastest or the smartest or even the scariest, but when it comes to beating cancer, elephants are the superheroes of the living world.It's a phenomenon that has baffled scientists since the 1970s. After all, at their size, they should have a much…... Read More

Suicide risk nearly double for traumatic brain injury sufferers: Study

(NEW YORK) -- People who have been identified as having suffered a traumatic brain injury have almost double the risk of suicide than people without the condition, a new study by researchers in Denmark has found.The study, published Tuesday in the medical journal JAMA, examined 34,529 deaths by suicide over…... Read More

Hilarious photo shoot celebrates parents' empty nest

(SPRINGBORO, Ohio) -- Some parents despair at the thought of their kids leaving home. But not Vicky and Jeff Piper.The Springboro, Ohio, couple was so looking forward to their youngest child leaving for college, they celebrated with a photo shoot.It was her husband's idea, Vicky Piper told "Good Morning America.""We…... Read More

Black boys more fearful in whiter neighborhoods, study finds

BY: DR. ANNA CHACON (NEW YORK) --  Young black men expect increased scrutiny, surveillance and even direct targeting when in areas that have more white people than they typically encounter, a study has found.Researchers from the Department of Sociology at Ohio State University gave 506 black boys aged 11 to…... Read More

Body positive model Iskra Lawrence says: 'You are good enough'

(NEW YORK) -- Iskra Lawrence is a 27-year-old body positive model and activist on a mission to change the world.You may recognize Lawrence from her many lingerie campaigns with Aerie, American Eagle Outfitter’s intimate apparel brand, or from social media, where she has amassed a following of millions preaching about…... Read More

Celery juice is the latest wellness trend: Is it one you should follow?

(NEW YORK) -- Supermodel Miranda Kerr says she drinks it every morning and actress Busy Philipps has talked about it with her 1.1 million Instagram followers.Speaking of Instagram, you’ve probably seen it all over your feed.It is celery juice, the latest wellness trend gaining buzz on social media and with…... Read More