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Who will pay to take care of sick coal miners? Black Lung Trust Fund is in trouble

(NEW YORK) -- Gary Hairston worked in West Virginia coal mines for more than 27 years. Like thousands of other coal miners, Hairston was diagnosed with complicated black lung disease, an incurable condition caused by exposure to high levels of coal dust.He now relies on federal black lung benefits to…... Read More

Benefits of baby yoga aren’t a stretch: How it helps moms and babies

(WHEATON, Ill.) -- Susan Korver and Amy Casoglos spent some of the first weeks of their daughters’ lives with them on the yoga mat.The once-strangers, who gave birth on the same day in the same hospital, bonded with their babies and with each other in a baby yoga class, a…... Read More

Miss West Virginia shows campers with heart conditions that she's just like them

(NEW YORK) -- The Dr. Bill Neches Heart Camp for Kids, a program for children with heart diseases, is just like your typical summer camp. There’s archery, crafts, canoeing and even some fishing. But perhaps its greatest activity is helping kids with heart diseases feel less isolated by introducing them…... Read More

Concussion test designated by FDA as breakthrough device, could help minimize long-term effects

BY: DR. HEIDI CHOE(NEW YORK) -- Concussions are common head injuries that can happen from something as simple as a fall. But they can often be missed by medical health professionals, especially if the symptoms are mild or delayed.A quicker, more precise method for diagnosing concussions, also known as mild…... Read More

2020 candidate Marianne Williamson addresses comments on vaccines on

(NEW YORK) -- Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson appeared on The View Thursday and sought to clarify her position on childhood vaccinations saying that while she supports the concept of vaccines she doesn't support the idea of anyone on either side of the debate mandating what people should do."I understand…... Read More

Missouri's only abortion clinic, a Planned Parenthood, faces looming deadline

(ST. LOUIS) -- The ongoing legal battle over the last abortion clinic in Missouri is reaching a looming deadline this week.A state circuit court judge ordered a temporary injunction earlier this month that allowed for the clinic in St. Louis to remain open, but that order came with a deadline…... Read More

Cosmetic products injure thousands of kids every year: Study

(NEW YORK) -- It’s no surprise that small children are accident prone. After all, by age 2, many of them are already trying to imitate the behaviors of adults, such as when getting ready to go out. Sometimes it can be cute and funny, like when a child pours baby…... Read More

Mom has the body positive message we all need this summer

(NEW YORK) -- It's summer, which can mean for some people just trying to make it through bathing suit season. One mom in Oklahoma is choosing to thrive instead of just survive summer, staying positive to help both herself and her kids.Shani Wilson, 31, a mother of three, shared a…... Read More

What to know about collagen and if you really need to take it

(NEW YORK) --  Collagen is having a moment.The protein responsible for helping keep skin wrinkle-free and protect joints and bones is now found in supplement form in everything from powders and capsules to foods including oatmeal, peanut butter and bars.Human bodies create collagen on their own, but the production of…... Read More

'Jeopardy!' star James Holzhauer gives to cancer research in honor of Alex Trebek

(NEW YORK) -- James Holzhauer may not be on "Jeopardy!" anymore, but host Alex Trebek, who is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer, is still on his mind.The 32-time "Jeopardy!" champ donated more than $1,000 to pancreatic cancer research in Trebek's name.Holzhauer gave $1,109.14 (his daughter's birthday is Nov. 9, 2014)…... Read More

U.S. death rates from suicides, alcohol and drug overdoses reach all-time high

BY: EDEN DAVID(NEW YORK) -- Premature deaths from suicide, alcohol and drug overdose have reached an all-time high, and U.S. states are losing ground on key measures related to life expectancy, according to a report by the Commonwealth Fund, a healthcare advocacy group.The report offers a state “scorecard” based on…... Read More

Experimental drug, first of its kind, may delay Type 1 diabetes

(NEW HAVEN, Conn.) -- A new drug may delay the onset of insulin-dependent Type 1 diabetes in those who are at high risk for the autoimmune disease, according to the results of a trial published in New England Journal of Medicine.“This is the first time we have showed that immune…... Read More

2-year-old diagnosed with rare ovarian cancer is now cancer-free

(ATLANTA) -- McKenna Shea Xydias, the toddler who captured national attention after she was diagnosed with a rare ovarian cancer, is now cancer-free.Known to family and friends as "Kenni," the 2-year-old had four rounds of chemotherapy since being diagnosed on Feb. 15 with ovarian yolk sac tumor. Parents Mike and…... Read More

Vic Strecher, Dan Harris on finding purpose after trauma and loss

(NEW YORK) -- Tragedy and happiness appear to be incompatible and mutually exclusive -- on the surface, at least. But in reality, tragedy can actually break you open, allowing you to grow and live more meaningfully. By wholeheartedly embracing grief and learning to move beyond it, you may actually rediscover…... Read More