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A 25-foot Jeff Goldblum statue pops up in London

(LONDON) -- People walking by Potter's Field Park near the Tower Bridge in London will encounter a larger-than-life figure from the "Jurassic Park" movies.No, it's not one of the film's cloned dinosaurs. It's a 25-foot statue of a Jeff Goldblum, with an open shirt, reclining in the shadow of the…... Read More

Rescued boys explain how they survived in Thailand cave for 2 weeks

(CHIANG RAI, Thailand) -- The 12 young soccer players and their coach rescued from a Thai cave never gave up hope of being found alive and passed the time digging into a rocky wall believing they might be able to tunnel out, they said Wednesday.In their first public appearance since…... Read More

Salisbury public gardens searched as investigation continues into couple's Novichok poisoning

(LONDON) -- Wiltshire police in England are searching Salisbury’s Queen Elizabeth Gardens as part of the ongoing investigation into the Novichok contamination that killed a British woman and seriously injured her partner.The gardens have been closed off to the public for two weeks since Dawn Sturgess and her partner, Charlie…... Read More

American-born investor named in Putin’s 'incredible offer'

(WASHINGTON) -- When Russian President Vladimir Putin called out a U.S.-born investor during Monday’s stunning news conference in Helsinki, Finland, Bill Browder was on vacation with his family – not watching Putin’s landmark summit with President Donald Trump.“My phone started burning up with messages and notifications,” Browder told ABC News…... Read More

US Embassy in Jerusalem to cost more than $21 million - nearly 100 times Trump’s estimate

(JERUSALEM) -- President Donald Trump may have written the book on deal-making, but when it comes to the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, it appears he won’t be getting the bargain he wanted.Documents filed with the official database of federal spending show that the State Department awarded the Maryland-based company Desbuild…... Read More

Obama: Despite 'strange and uncertain' times, Nelson Mandela's legacy endures

(JOHANESSBURG) -- Despite the "strange and uncertain" times President Barack Obama says we're living in he still believes in "a vision of equality and justice and freedom" he said in a speech on Tuesday to commemorate the late Nelson Mandela – Obama's first visit to Africa since leaving office."I believe…... Read More

Obama will give speech in South Africa to commemorate Nelson Mandela's legacy

(WASHINGTON) -- Former President Barack Obama is scheduled to deliver a speech on Tuesday to commemorate the late Nelson Mandela, Obama’s first visit to Africa since leaving office.Mandela is known for being "the epitome of civil action" after he was imprisoned for 27 years for attempting to end apartheid in…... Read More

In Russia, meeting with Trump seen as strong win for Putin

(HELSINKI) -- Ahead of his summit with President Donald Trump, it had been widely said that all Russia’s president Vladimir Putin had to do to come out a winner was to show up to the meeting Finland’s capital, Helsinki on Monday.Putin did come and by all accounts the result of…... Read More

Putin gives Trump World Cup ball after question on Syria: 'Now the ball is in your court'

(HELSINKI) -- Russian president Vladimir Putin paused a joint press conference after answering a question on whether the ball is "in the Russian court" regarding cooperative efforts in Syria to hand President Donald Trump a soccer ball in Helsinki, Finland Monday."Speaking about having the ball in our court in Syria,…... Read More

A massive iceberg threatening Greenland village has moved away from the coast

(NEW YORK) -- A massive iceberg that has been floating close to a village in Greenland and threatening its residents appears to be veering away from the coast, toward the north, officials said.The village of Innaarsuit is home to 169 residents, some of whom have been evacuated as the iceberg…... Read More

South Korea hold world's largest mud festival of its kind

(BORYEONG, South Korea)-- Splash mud over strangers, push others into the muddy pool, and cover yourself with mud from head to toe. All of these actions make sense at the mud festival in South Korea.The 21st Boryeong Mud Festival opened up in Daecheon beach, three hours (120 miles) away from…... Read More

London's high-flying Trump baby blimp may now be coming to New York City

(LONDON) -- The now world-famous Trump baby blimp, which floated over protests in London earlier this month, may soon be headed to Central Park -- if some U.S. anti-Trump activists get their way.The blimp, which depicts Trump as an angry orange baby holding a smartphone and wearing a diaper, captured…... Read More

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in lockstep with Trump 'Rigged Witch Hunt!' tweet

(HELSINKI)-- President Donald Trump has already reached an agreement with one top Russian government official, who appears to be in lockstep with the U.S. leader, at least on Twitter, over his assessment of White House-Kremlin relations.Just hours before his first formal faceoff with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Trump tweeted, "Our…... Read More

'Superman' doctor who cared for soccer team in Thai cave reunites with boys in hospital

(CHIANG RAI, Thailand) -- The "Superman" army doctor who took care of 12 boys and their soccer coach while they were trapped in a Thai cave shared a glimpse of their emotional reunion in the hospital Monday.Dr. Pak Loharnshoon of the Royal Thai Army -- who stayed with the boys…... Read More