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Birthday & Anniversaries

To have a birthday or anniversary announcement posted on the website
click here to e-mail the information to 107.9 The Bull.
Be sure to include the person or couples name; first and last, and address,
the date of the birthday or anniversary and who the greeting is from.
Or if you don’t have email fill out the form below.

You could win a $10 Gift Certificate from 529 Social in Wisner!
Winner(s) are picked on Monday’s from the previous weeks entries.

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Sunday, November 11th
  • Happy 10th birthday Ethan Harstick love Dad, Mom, Taylor, Hannah, Emily, Chelsey, Allison & Clay
  • Happy birthday Layne Reppert love Mom, Dad & Audra
  • Happy birthday Dale Martin love your family
  • Happy birthday Sheila Sindelar from the Steffensmeier’s in Howells
  • Happy birthday Jo Meyer, Jim Hudec, Cathy Mast, Tomilee Scott from your birthday buddy, Pat Ruge
  • Happy 59th anniversary Norbert & Sheryl Schulenberg love Kevin & Shelly and grandchildren: Anthony, Whitney, Amber, Gage, Autumn, Bruce & Conner
Monday, November 12th
  • Happy 5th birthday Kane Robert Kumm love Grandpa Duane & Grandma Karen
Tuesday, November 13th
  • Happy birthday Mom love Taylor, Hannah, Emily, Chelsey, Allison, Ethan & Clay
  • Happy birthday Alice Blanknagel from your friends at the Beemer Senior Center
  • Happy birthday Troy love Tammie
  • Happy birthday Dad love Lee & Miranda and Alex & Anna
  • Happy birthday Grandpa Troy love Eli, Sydney, Isaiah, Adalynn & Aubree
  • Happy birthday Troy Harrington from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Wednesday, November 14th
  • Happy birthday Mom love Crystal, Jess, Reagan & Paisley
  • Happy 15th birthday Emily Toelle love Grandma & Grandpa Toelle
  • Happy birthday Allan Andersen from George & Judy Godel
  • Happy birthday Lorri Fredrichsen from the Mayberry’s Gang
  • Happy birthday Aunt Kelly love Layne & Audra
Thursday, November 15th
  • Happy birthday Eli Petersen love Grampy & Grammy
  • Happy birthday Eli love the Nebraska Petersen’s, Green’s & Mark’s
  • Happy birthday Conrad Krienert love Dad, Mom, Gabrielle & Mason
  • Happy birthday Terry Fullner from the Martin’s
  • Happy anniversary Melvin & Alma Meyer from George & Judy Godel
Friday, November 16th
  • Happy birthday Mitchell love Breanna
  • Happy birthday Mitchell Nissen from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Saturday, November 17th
  • Happy birthday Clint Warnke from George & Judy Godel
  • Happy birthday Laurie Petersen love Clark
  • Happy birthday Laurie Petersen from Luella
  • Happy birthday Laurie from Rollie & Faye
  • Happy birthday Candy Hinkel love Ryan & Brittney
Sunday, November 18th
  • Happy birthday Keyden love Dad & Mom, Jacie & Darrin and Kyler
  • Happy birthday Keyden love Grandpa Bernard and Grandpa & Grandma Throener and the rest of the family
Monday, November 19th
  • Happy birthday Riley Berg love Grandpa Jody & Grandma Becky
Tuesday, November 20th
  • Happy birthday Mom from Allissa, Ashton, Ariel, Kaleb & Adison
  • Happy birthday Kathie Peterson from Mom & Dad
  • Happy birthday Kathie Peterson fro Clark & Laurie
Wednesday, November 21st
  • Happy birthday Vickie Welding from the Mayberry’s Gang
  • Happy birthday Edwin M. Belina love Katrina, Kyle & Brennan
  • Happy birthday Vivian love Layne & Audra
  • Happy birthday Caleb & Cassidy love Mom, Dad & Kaylee
  • Happy birthday Caleb & Cassidy Mauch from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
  • Happy 20th anniversary Tim & Mary Kay from Mark & Jolene
  • Happy 20th anniversary Tim & Mary Kay from Rudy, Tammi & Hunter
Thursday, November 22nd
  • Happy birthday Linda Stiles from George & Judy Godel
  • Happy anniversary Mom & Dad love Jacie & Darrin, Keyden and Kyler
  • Happy anniversary Duane & Jenny love Dad, Sandy & Chuck, Kelly & Brian, Wilbert & Liz, Mark & Karen and Randy & Beth
  • Happy anniversary Uncle Duane & Aunt Jenny love all your nieces & nephews
Friday, November 23rd
  • Happy birthday Danny love Mom, Dad, Lexi & Nova
  • Happy 2nd birthday Rickie Kai love Mom, Dad & Karter
  • Happy 20th birthday Allissa Meyer from Mom, Ashton, Ariel, Kaleb & Adison
  • Happy 20th birthday Alissa from Grandpa & Grandma
  • Happy birthday Jamie from Erin, Shana & Mariah
Saturday, November 24th
  • None
Sunday, November 25th
  • Happy anniversary Shane & LaWanda Novotny from George & Judy Godel
Monday, November 26th
  • Happy anniversary Tim & Sherry Schmitt from George & Judy Godel
Tuesday, November 27th
  • Happy anniversary neighbors, Clint & Terry, from George & Judy Godel
Wednesday, November 28th
  • Happy birthday Will Foust love Grandpa Bud & Grandma Joyce
Thursday, November 29th
  • Happy birthday Gabrielle Krienert love Dad, Mom, Mason & Conrad
  • Happy 10th anniversary Kathy Pieper love Chris
  • Happy 10th anniversary Chris & Kathy Pieper love Dad & Mom
Friday, November 30th
  • Happy birthday Pam love Kyle
  • Happy birthday Mom love Darrin & Jacie, Justin and Chase
Saturday, December 1st
  • Happy birthday Noelle Klitz from Deb & Bob
Sunday, December 2nd
  • Happy birthday Bradley Burhoop love Mom & Dad
Monday, December 3rd
  • Happy birthday Mom & Grandma, Juliann Haase love Monte, Melissa, Abby, Ty & Calvin
Tuesday, December 4th
  • Happy anniversary Shep & Mardell from the Mayberry’s Gang
  • Happy 20 years together to my husband, Jon, from your wife, Diane
Wednesday, December 5th
  • None
Thursday, December 6th
  • None
Friday, December 7th
  • None
Saturday, December 8th
  • None
Sunday, December 9th
  • Happy 2nd birthday Jax Wesche from the Mayberry’s Gang
Monday, December 10th
  • None
Tuesday, December 11th
  • Happy birthday Anya from Wanda, Cassie, Chelsea, Brent, Weldon, Cody & family
Wednesday, December 12th
  • Happy birthday Stella love Layne & Audra
Thursday, December 13th
  • None
Friday, December 14th
  • Happy anniversary Mom & Dad love Tara, Brian, Tory, Jeanette, Tyson & Sara
  • Happy anniversary Ma & Pa Moeller love Sidney, Lindsey, Mackenzie & Audra
Saturday, December 15th
  • Happy birthday Tim Petersen love Mom & Dad
Sunday, December 16th
  • None
Monday, December 17th
  • None
Tuesday, December 18th
  • None
Wednesday, December 19th
  • Happy 1st birthday Jane Marie Hagedorn love Mommy, Daddy, Kendra & Chelsey
  • Happy birthday Dave Welding from the Mayberry’s Gang
Thursday, December 20th
  • None
Friday, December 21st
  • None
Saturday, December 22nd
  • None
Sunday, December 23rd
  • None
Monday, December 24th
  • None
Tuesday, December 25th
  • None
Wednesday, December 26th
  • None
Thursday, December 27th
  • None
Friday, December 28th
  • None
Saturday, December 29th
  • None
Sunday, December 30th
  • None
Monday, December 31st
  • Happy birthday Jakson Paus love Grandma & Grandpa Paus
Tuesday, January 1st
  • None
Wednesday, January 2nd
  • None
Thursday, January 3rd
  • None
Friday, January 4th
  • None
Saturday, January 5th
  • None
Sunday, January 6th
  • None
Monday, January 7th
  • None