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Birthday & Anniversaries

To have a birthday or anniversary announcement posted on the website
click here to e-mail the information to 107.9 The Bull.
Be sure to include the person or couples name and address,
the date of the birthday or anniversary and who the greeting is from.
Or if you don’t have email fill out the form below.

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Friday, July 20th
  • Happy birthday Mom love Brian & Michelle, Brenda and Greg
  • Happy birthday Grandma love Sarah, Devin & Karissa
  • Happy birthday Joyce love Russ & Kathy, Jim & Deb, Mark & Karen and Bruce & Kat and their families
  • Happy birthday Taylor love Mom, Dad & Julie
  • Happy 12th birthday Dillon love Mom, Dad, Kylie, Dalton, Karter & Dexter
  • Happy birthday Grandpa love Kinsley & Brooklyn
Saturday, July 21st
  • Happy birthday Kari Bak from your Beemer friends
  • Happy anniversary Mom & Dad love Jakson, Brea & Becca
  • Happy anniversary Jeff & Bonnie love Mom & Dad
Sunday, July 22nd
  • Happy birthday Alice Bayer love Rick & Laura
  • Happy birthday Grandma Alice love Cole, Avery, Sawyer & Kyson
  • Happy birthday Doreen Uhing love your children, grandchildren & great-granddaughters
Monday, July 23rd
  • Happy birthday Jazlyn love Gpa Dean & Gma Susan
Tuesday, July 24th
  • Happy 18th birthday Nathan Carrender love your family
Wednesday, July 25th
  • Happy birthday Roni from Dean, Susan & Jazlyn
  • Happy birthday Daddy love Brielle
  • Happy birthday Steve love Stacy
  • Happy birthday Steve love Mom & Dad, Ruth & Brian, Laura & Kirby and Deanna
  • Happy birthday Steve love Rick & Marty and Marcus & Damia
  • Happy birthday Uncle Steve love Riley, Hailey, Chase, Melanie and Kirah
Thursday, July 26th
  • Happy birthday Rollin Bremerman from Faye, the Cargill’s, Batenhorst’s, Ott’s, Meyer’s, Arduser’s & Pierce’s
  • Happy birthday Rollie Bremerman from Clark & Laurie
  • Happy 10th anniversary Jody Lerch love Becky
  • Happy anniversary Bob love Deb
Friday, July 27th
  • Happy birthday Kevin love Lora and your kids & grandkids
  • Happy birthday Keven Cooper from all of us at KTIC & the BULL
  • Happy anniversary Tim & Roni from Dean, Susan & Jazlyn
Saturday, July 28th
  • Happy 17th birthday Hunter love Mom & Rudy
  • Happy birthday Hunter from Mel, Mary & all the girls
Sunday, July 29th
  • None
Monday, July 30th
  • Happy 35th anniversary Mark & Loretta from the Kreikemeier’s
Tuesday, July 31st
  • None
Wednesday, August 1st
  • Happy birthday Gavin Hagedorn love Grandpa Bob & Grandma Nadine
Thursday, August 2nd
  • None
Friday, August 3rd
  • None
Saturday, August 4th
  • Happy birthday Carly Tietz love Dad, Mom, Carsten & Caragan
Sunday, August 5th
  • Happy birthday Dad love Kaylee, Caleb & Cassidy
  • Happy birthday Mike Mauch from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Monday, August 6th
  • Happy anniversary Rick love Laura
  • Happy anniversary Mom & Dad love Cole, Avery, Sawyer & Kyson
Tuesday, August 7th
  • None
Wednesday, August 8th
  • Happy birthday Brady Petersen love Mom & Dad
  • Happy anniversary Mom & Dad love Christopher & Andrea, Marisa & Dirk and Bryce
  • Happy anniversary Grandpa & Grandma love Declan, Brooklyn & Lucas
  • Happy anniversary Larry & Mark from Mark & Karen
Thursday, August 9th
  • Happy birthday Rick Bayer love Laura, Cole, Avery, Sawyer & Kyson
Friday, August 10th
  • None
Saturday, August 11th
  • Happy birthday Cassidy Wendland love Grampy & Grammy
Sunday, August 12th
  • Happy birthday Grandma Karen love your grandchildren & great-grandchildren
  • Happy birthday Mom love Susan & Dean, JW & Heather, Shelly & Shane and John & Dawn
  • Happy anniversary Steve & Barb Ferguson love Rick, Laura, Cole, Avery, Sawyer & Kyson
  • Happy anniversary Ted & Doris Gentrup from Kevin, Cindy, Alex, Katelyn, Austin & Taylor Steffensmeier
Monday, August 13th
  • None
Tuesday, August 14th
  • None
Wednesday, August 15th
  • Happy birthday Josh Wordekemper love Dad, Mom & Danny
Thursday, August 16th
  • None
Friday, August 17th
  • Happy birthday Sophia Stumpe love Grandma & Grandpa Klitz
Saturday, August 18th
  • Happy birthday Mom, Linda Baumert, love Monte & Melissa
  • Happy birthday Grandma Linda Baumert love Abby, Ty & Calvin
Sunday, August 19th
  • None
Monday, August 20th
  • None
Tuesday, August 21st
  • None
Wednesday, August 22nd
  • None
Thursday, August 23rd
  • None
Friday, August 24th
  • Happy anniversary Logan & Cassidy Wendland love Grampy & Grammy
Saturday, August 25th
  • Happy birthday Dad love Layne & Audra
  • Happy birthday Ryan Ferguson love the Bayer’s
  • Happy birthday Danielle from Kevin, Cindy, Alex, Katelyn, Austin & Taylor
  • Happy anniversary Uncle Tory & Aunt Jeanette love Layne & Audra
Sunday, August 26th
  • None
Monday, August 27th
  • Happy 6th birthday Calvin Jack Haase love Mom, Dad, Abby & Ty
  • Happy 6th birthday Calvin Jack Haase love Grandpa & Grandma Baumert
Tuesday, August 28th
  • None
Wednesday, August 29th
  • Happy 60th birthday Stan Groth from Jean, your best friend, wife & assistant coach
  • Happy birthday Alex Steffensmeier from Dad, Mom, Katelyn, Austin & Taylor
Thursday, August 30th
  • None
Friday, August 31st
  • None
Saturday, September 1st
  • None
Sunday, September 2nd
  • None
Monday, September 3rd
  • Happy birthday Marcus Foust love Grandpa Bud & Grandma Joyce
Tuesday, September 4th
  • None
Wednesday, September 5th
  • None
Thursday, September 6th
  • None
Friday, September 7th
  • Happy birthday Kevin Steffensmeier from Cindy
  • Happy birthday Dad from Alex, Katelyn, Austin & Taylor
Saturday, September 8th
  • None
Sunday, September 9th
  • Happy birthday Brea Paus love Grandpa & Grandma Paus
  • Happy birthday Hazel Ferguson love the Bayer’s
Monday, September 10th
  • None
Tuesday, September 11th
  • None
Wednesday, September 12th
  • None
Thursday, September 13th
  • None
Friday, September 14th
  • None
Saturday, September 15th
  • None
Sunday, September 16th
  • None
Monday, September 17th
  • None
Tuesday, September 18th
  • Happy 45th birthday Jill Beutler from the Gatzemeyers
Wednesday, September 19th
  • None
Thursday, September 20th
  • None
Friday, September 21th
  • Happy 1st birthday Rhett love Mom & Dad
  • Happy 50th birthday Charles Toelle love Owen
Saturday, September 22nd
  • None
Sunday, September 23rd
  • Happy 10th birthday Cole Bayer love Mom & Dad
  • Happy 10th birthday Cole love Avery, Sawyer & Kyson
Monday, September 24th
  • None
Tuesday, September 25th
  • None
Wednesday, September 26th
  • None
Thursday, September 27th
  • None
Friday, September 28th
  • None
Saturday, September 29th
  • None
Sunday, September 30th
  • None
Monday, October 1st
  • None
Tuesday, October 2nd
  • Happy birthday Taylor Streeter love Grampy & Grammy
Wednesday, October 3rd
  • None
Thursday, October 4th
  • None
Friday, October 5th
  • None
Saturday, October 6th
  • None