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Birthday & Anniversaries

To have a birthday or anniversary announcement posted on the website
click here to e-mail the information to 107.9 The Bull.
Be sure to include the person or couples name and address,
the date of the birthday or anniversary and who the greeting is from.
Or if you don’t have email fill out the form below.

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Tuesday, May 22nd
  • Happy birthday Suzie Schlecht from the Mayberry’s Gang
  • Happy birthday Jeremy Schultz love Mom & Dad
Wednesday, May 23rd
  • Happy birthday Cooper Klitz love Grandma & Grandpa Klitz
  • Happy birthday Louis Schulzkump from your friends at the Beemer Senior Center
  • Happy anniversary Terry & Judy Fullner love your family
Thursday, May 24th
  • Happy birthday Deana love Mom & Dad, Ruth & Brian, Steve & Stacy and Laura & Kirby
  • Happy birthday Aunt Deana love Riley, Hailey, Chase, Melanie & Brielle
  • Happy birthday Kathy Schoch love Kenneth
Friday, May 25th
  • Happy birthday Dennis from the Mayberry’s Gang
  • Happy anniversary Adam Anderson love your wife
Saturday, May 26th
  • Happy 15th birthday Chelsey love Dad, Mom, Taylor, Hannah, Emily, Allison, Ethan & Clay
  • Happy birthday Vicki Furchert from the Bowling B’s
  • Happy birthday Vicki Furchert from the Mayberry’s Gang
  • Happy birthday Travis Arduser from your in-laws
  • Happy birthday Stacy love Steve
  • Happy birthday Mommy love Brielle
  • Happy birthday Stacy love Mom & Dad and Marcus & Damia
  • Happy birthday Stacy love Mark & Karen, Ruth & Brian, Laura & Kirby and Deana
  • Happy birthday Aunt Stacy love Riley, Hailey, Chase & Melanie
  • Happy birthday Isabella love Mom, Dad, Logan & Alexander
  • Happy birthday Isabella Gade from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Sunday, May 27th
  • Happy 1st anniversary Derek & Maggie love Grandpa & Grandma
  • Happy 90th birthday Don Friedrichsen love your daughter, Joan
Monday, May 28th
  • Sandy Mendlik from Brad & Laura Cornell
Tuesday, May 29th
  • Happy birthday Mom love McCoy, Lincoln & Grady
  • Happy birthday Stacey love Mom & Dad and Kristi & Ryan
  • Happy birthday Aunt Stacey love Boston, Baylor &  Briggs
  • Happy birthday Kyle love Pam
  • Happy birthday Dad love Darrin & Jacie, Justin and Chase
  • Happy birthday Tom Tichota love Paula
Wednesday, May 30th
  • Happy birthday Connie Brichacek from the Bayer’s
  • Happy birthday Jason Pojar from your family
Thursday, May 31st
  • Happy birthday Teagen Berg, love you, Mom & Dad
Friday, June 1st
  • None
Saturday, June 2nd
  • None
Sunday, June 3rd
  • Happy birthday Bobbi Pojar from Jason, Brendan, Conner, Ali, Brea, Ty & Mia
  • Happy birthday Bobbi Pojar from Mom &  Dad, the Anderson & the Throeners
Monday, June 4th
  • None
Tuesday, June 5th
  • None
Wednesday, June 6th
  • Happy birthday Roger VanderPol from the Bowling B’s
Thursday, June 7th
  • Happy birthday Duane Meyer love Deb
  • Happy birthday Dad love Jess, Chris & Jodi
  • Happy birthday Grandpa Meyer love Mylah, Landon, Cambrie & Karsten
Friday, June 8th
  • Happy birthday Jess from Crystal, Reagan & Paisley
  • Happy birthday Jess from Tristan & Faith
  • Happy birthday Angie love Brandon, Kylie & Carter
  • Happy birthday Mom love Julia
  • Happy birthday Angie love Mom & Dad and TJ & Amanda
  • Happy birthday Aunt Angie love Olive & Owen
Saturday, June 9th
  • None
Sunday, June 10th
  • Happy birthday Ruth love Brian
  • Happy birthday Mom love Riley & Hailey
  • Happy birthday Ruth love Mom & Dad, Steve & Stacy, Laura & Kirby and Deana
  • Happy birthday Aunt Ruth love Chase, Melanie & Brielle
  • Happy anniversary SJ & Grace Donohue love Levi, Layn, Cooper & Cashlyn
Monday, June 11th
  • Happy birthday Brea, Ty & Mia Pojar from Mom, Dad, Brendan, Ali & Conner
  • Happy birthday Brea, Ty & Mia Pojar from Grandpa Bob, Grandma Susie, the Andersons & the Throeners
  • Happy birthday Jessica Hagedorn from the Andersons, Pojars & Throeners
Tuesday, June 12th
  • Happy birthday Mommy love Weldon
  • Happy birthday Chelsea from the Mayberry’s Gang
  • Happy birthday Bev love Tom
  • Happy birthday Mom love Katherine
  • Happy birthday Bev Goodwin from all of us at KTIC & the BULL
Wednesday, June 13th
  • None
Thursday, June 14th
  • Happy birthday Mardell from the Mayberry’s Gang
  • Happy birthday Mardell from Vicki & Wanda
Friday, June 15th
  • Happy birthday Mom love Pat & Dusty, Tim & Lynsi and Nick & Jacque
  • Happy birthday Grandma love Chase, Hagen, Grace & Andrew
  • Happy birthday Deb from Tom & Bev, Mark & Kathy and Mark & Karen
  • Happy birthday Mom love Josephine & Katrina
  • Happy birthday Alicia Moyer from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Saturday, June 16th
  • Happy anniversary Pam love Dwight
  • Happy anniversary Mom & Dad, Pam & Dwight, love Dallas & Amanda, Val & Ryan, Ryan and Sarah
  • Happy anniversary Grandpa & Grandma love Kaylie, Cameron, Ava, Peyton & DeLaney
  • Happy anniversary Dwight & Pam Lane from all of us at KTIC & the BULL
Sunday, June 17th
  • None
Monday, June 18th
  • None
Tuesday, June 19th
  • None
Wednesday, June 20th
  • None
Thursday, June 21st
  • None
Friday, June 22nd
  • None
Saturday, June 23rd
  • Happy birthday Ashley Petersen love Aaron Marks
Sunday, June 24th
  • None
Monday, June 25th
  • Happy birthday Mom love Laura & Anthony and Nicole & Jay
  • Happy birthday Grandma love Emerson
  • Happy birthday Kathy from Tom & Bev, Mark & Karen and Debbie
Tuesday, June 26th
  • None
Wednesday, June 27th
  • None
Thursday, June 28th
  • None
Friday, June 29th
  • Happy 9th birthday Cooper love Dad, Mom, Cashlyn, Layn & Levi
Saturday, June 30th
  • Happy anniversary Katie love Doug
  • Happy anniversary Doug & Katie love Mom, Joe & Wendi, Tim & Brianna, Scott and Dan
  • Happy anniversary Uncle Doug & Aunt Katie love Braylon, Keegan & Jayden
  • Happy anniversary Katie & Doug love Mom
  • Happy anniversary Doug & Katie from all of us at KTIC & the BULL
Sunday, July 1st
  • None
Monday, July 2nd
  • None
Tuesday, July 3rd
  • Happy birthday Becca Paus love Grandpa & Grandma Paus
Wednesday, July 4th
  • Happy birthday Lincoln love Mom, Dad, McCoy & Grady
  • Happy birthday Lincoln love Grandpa & Grandma
  • Happy birthday Lincoln love Kristi, Ryan, Boston, Baylor & Briggs
Thursday, July 5th
  • None
Friday, July 6th
  • None
Saturday, July 7th
  • None
Sunday, July 8th
  • None
Monday, July 9th
  • Happy birthday Chris from Mark & Karen
Tuesday, July 10th
  • None
Wednesday, July 11th
  • Happy birthday Matthew love Penny
  • Happy birthday Dad love Brianne & Jake
  • Happy birthday Matthew Bruns from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Thursday, July 12th
  • None
Friday, July 13th
  • None
Saturday, July 14th
  • None
Sunday, July 15th
  • None