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Birthday & Anniversaries

To have a birthday or anniversary announcement posted on the website
click here to e-mail the information to 107.9 The Bull.
Be sure to include the person or couples name and address,
the date of the birthday or anniversary and who the greeting is from.
Or if you don’t have email fill out the form below.

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Friday, March 23rd
  • Happy 95th birthday Bernitha Gemelke from the Ott Clan
  • Happy 5th anniversary Bo & Tara Fullner from Grandma & Linda
Saturday, March 24th
  • Happy birthday Dad love Marcus, Damia & Kirah and Stacy & Steve
  • Happy birthday Grandpa love Brielle
  • Happy birthday Rick from Mark & Karen and family
Sunday, March 25th
  • Happy birthday Wynona Behling from the Martins
Monday, March 26th
  • None
Tuesday, March 27th
  • Happy 88th birthday Vernon Herman love your children, grandchildren & great-granddaughter
  • Happy birthday Mom love Eli, Hollie & Hayden
  • Happy birthday Karlie Cole love Dad & Mom
  • Happy birthday Jacquelyn love Greg
  • Happy birthday Mommy love Isabelle, Logan & Alexander
  • Happy birthday Jacquelyn Gade from all of us at KTIC & the BULL
  • Happy anniversary Lorrin & Joyce Toelle from the Monday Morning Bible Study Group
Wednesday, March 28th
  • Happy birthday Galen Petersen love Mom
  • Happy birthday Galen Petersen from your sister
  • Happy birthday Galen Petersen from Clark & Laurie
  • Happy birthday Linda Cech love Lumir & Mary Cech
Thursday, March 29th
  • Happy birthday Jadyn Meiergerd love Mom, Dad, James & Nicole
  • Happy 7th birthday Max Bruning love Daddy, Mommy & Ellie
  • Happy birthday Aunt Jadyn love Kendall & Kaci
Friday, March 30th
  • Happy birthday Kathy Tomka from Mike & Jean, Matt, Amanda & McKinley and David & Christi
  • Happy birthday Steve Conrad from your friends at the Beemer Senior Center
Saturday, March 31st
  • Happy birthday Brett Fiala love Mom & Dad
  • Happy birthday Brett Fiala love Grandma Dolesh
Sunday, April 1st
  • Happy birthday Tim Pritchett, Sr. love Mary Jo
  • Happy birthday Lisa love the Miserez, Petersen, Green & Miller families
  • Happy birthday Mom love Pam, Kevin, Tiffany & Wade
  • Happy birthday Grandma Karen love the Petersen, Green, Miserez & Miller grandchildren
  • Happy birthday Great-Grandma Karen love Wesley
Monday, April 2nd
  • Happy birthday Aunt Kandi love your favorite nephews, Mark & Judd
  • Happy birthday Kandi love Dad, Mom, Garrett, Jess, Kari & Jake
Tuesday, April 3rd
  • Happy birthday Beth Schultz from your Ott cousins
Wednesday, April 4th
  • Happy birthday Marvin Gentrup love Jean, Chip, Andrew, Jacob and Nicki & Joey
Thursday, April 5th
  • None
Friday, April 6th
  • None
Saturday, April 7th
  • None
Sunday, April 8th
  • None
Monday, April 9th
  • None
Tuesday, April 10th
  • Happy birthday Leigh from Mark, Kathy, Laura, Anthony, Emerson, Nicole & Jay
Wednesday, April 11th
  • None
Thursday, April 12th
  • None
Friday, April 13th
  • None
Saturday, April 14th
  • Happy birthday Addison Baumert love Dad, Mom & Michael
  • Happy birthday Addison Baumert love Grandpa & Grandma Baumert
  • Happy birthday Addison Baumert love Monte, Melissa, Abby, Ty & Calvin
  • Happy birthday Tyler Dostal from Brook & Rhett
Sunday, April 15th
  • Happy 8th birthday Gabe Martin love Grandma & Grandpa Toelle
Monday, April 16th
  • None
Tuesday, April 17th
  • Happy birthday Ann Hedell love your husband
Wednesday, April 18th
  • Happy 13th birthday James love Mom, Dad, Matthew & Angela
Thursday, April 19th
  • None
Friday, April 20th
  • Happy birthday Ryker love Mommy, Grandma Jo Jo & Aunt Jade
  • Happy birthday Ryker from your birthday buddy Tammie
Saturday, April 21st
  • Happy birthday Grampy, Terry Petersen love the Linders
  • Happy birthday Grampy love the Nebraska & Iowa Petersens, Linder, Green & Wendland families
  • Happy birthday Great-Grampy love Wesley
Sunday, April 22nd
  • Happy 1st anniversary Tristan & Faith love Darrin & Jacie
Monday, April 23rd
  • None
Tuesday, April 24th
  • Happy birthday Jordan Fischer love Mom, Dad & Cody
Wednesday, April 25th
  • None
Thursday, April 26th
  • None
Friday, April 27th
  • None
Saturday, April 28th
  • Happy birthday Grandma love Nick
  • Happy birthday Grandma love Jesse, Christa, Caleb & Reid
  • Happy birthday Grandma love Matt, Jessica & Juneau
  • Happy birthday Grandma love Mike, Melissa, Kendall & Brooks
  • Happy birthday Grandma love Lloyd, Amy & Tyler
  • Happy birthday Grandma love Rudy, Tammie & Hunter
  • Happy birthday Mom love Linda, Bruce & Sue, Ken and Lori
Sunday, April 29th
  • None
Monday, April 30th
  • Happy birthday Mindi love the Nebraska & Iowa Petersens, Green & Wedland families
Tuesday, May 1st
  • None
Wednesday, May 2nd
  • None
Thursday, May 3rd
  • None
Friday, May 4th
  • None
Saturday, May 5th
  • None
Sunday, May 6th
  • None
Monday, May 7th
  • None
Tuesday, May 8th
  • None
Wednesday, May 9th
  • None
Thursday, May 10th
  • None
Friday, May 11th
  • None
Saturday, May 12th
  • None
Sunday, May 13th
  • None
Monday, May 14th
  • Happy birthday Aaron Marks love Ashley Petersen
Tuesday, May 15th
  • None
Wednesday, May 16th
  • None
Thursday, May 17th
  • None
Friday, May 18th
  • None
Saturday, May 19th
  • None
Sunday, May 20th
  • None
Monday, May 21st
  • None
Tuesday, May 22nd
  • None
Wednesday, May 23rd
  • None
Thursday, May 24th
  • None
Friday, May 25th
  • None
Saturday, May 26th
  • None
Sunday, May 27th
  • None
Monday, May 28th
  • None
Tuesday, May 29th
  • None
Wednesday, May 30th
  • None
Thursday, May 31st
  • None
Friday, June 1st
  • None
Saturday, June 2nd
  • None
Sunday, June 3rd
  • None