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Birthday & Anniversaries

To have a birthday or anniversary announcement posted on the website
click here to e-mail the information to 107.9 The Bull.
Be sure to include the person or couples name; first and last, and address,
the date of the birthday or anniversary and who the greeting is from.
Or if you don’t have email fill out the form below.

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Thursday, May 23rd
  • Happy birthday Paula Rotta from Jean & Stanley Groth
  • Happy birthday Julie Bruning love Ellie, Max & Brian
  • Happy birthday Louis Schulzkump from your friends at the Beemer Senior Center
  • Happy birthday Cooper Klitz love Grandpa & Grandma Klitz
  • Happy birthday Jon love Laura, Jake, Amanda, Riley & Caitlyn
  • Happy birthday Dave Chohon from Tim & Mary Ann
  • Happy anniversary John & Connie Bliemeister from Bob & Sandy and Ken & Monica
  • Happy anniversary Terry & Judy Fullner love your family
  • Happy 66th anniversary Eugene & Melba Glock love your kids & grandkids
Friday, May 24th
  • Happy birthday Dad love Julia, Kylie & Carter
  • Happy birthday Brandon love Angie, Mom, Dad, Tj, Amanda, Olive & Owen
  • Happy birthday Deana love Mom & Dad, Ruth & Brian, Steve & Stacy and Laura & Kirby
  • Happy birthday Aunt Deana love Riley, Hailey, Chase, Melanie & Brielle
  • Happy birthday Kathy Schoch love Kenneth
  • Happy 2nd birthday Cole & Jemma love Mommy, Daddy, Harper & Jett
  • Happy 2nd birthday Cole & Jemma love Grandpa & Grandma Eilerts
  • Happy 2nd birthday Cole & Jemma love Great-Grandma & the rest of the Eilerts gang
  • Happy anniversary Jean Groth love your best friend
  • Happy anniversary Stan & Jean Groth from Mary
Saturday, May 25th
  • Happy anniversary Adam Anderson love your wife
Sunday, May 26th
  • Happy birthday Travis Arduser from Sonya
  • Happy birthday Dad from Gwen, Ramsey & Grady
  • Happy birthday Travis Arduser from Rollin & Faye
  • Happy birthday Vicki Furchert from the Bowling Bs
  • Happy birthday Gene Ehrisman from your friends at Beemer Senior Center
  • Happy birthday Mommy love Brielle
  • Happy birthday Stacy love Steve
  • Happy birthday Stacy love Mom & Dad, Marcus & Damia and Kirah
  • Happy birthday Stacy love Mark & Karen, Ruth & Brian, Laura & Kirby and Deana
  • Happy birthday Aunt Stacy love Riley, Hailey, Chase & Melanie
  • Happy 1st anniversary Mandy & Adrian Christensen from your Martin cousins
Monday, May 27th
  • Happy birthday Diane love Doug
  • Happy birthday Mom love Troy, Tammie, Vicki, Gary, Bobette & Russ
  • Happy birthday Grandma Diane love Brandi, Reed, Blake, Lee, Alex, Ryan & Nicole
  • Happy birthday Great Grandma Diane love Addie, Parker, Eli, Sydney, Isaiah, Adalynn, Aubree, Matt & Joel
  • Happy anniversary Pat & Kathy Jensen love Katrina & Kyle
Tuesday, May 28th
  • Happy birthday Sean Linder love Terry & Nancy
  • Happy birthday Sean Linder love Mindi, Alex & Sam
  • Happy birthday Sam Linder love Dad, Mom & Alex
  • Happy birthday Samantha Linder love Grampy & Grammy
  • Happy birthday Sam love the Petersen’s, Mark’s & Green’s
  • Happy birthday Daddy love Kendall, Brooks, Madison & Mason
Wednesday, May 29th
  • Happy birthday Gary Schulz from your friends at the Beemer Senior Center
  • Happy anniversary Jerry & JoAnn Lewis from your friends & neighbors
Thursday, May 30th
  • Happy birthday Jason Pojar from your family
Friday, May 31st
  • None
Saturday, June 1st
  • Happy birthday Karen Hitz from George & Judy Godel
Sunday, June 2nd
  • Happy big 50th birthday Sheri love your family, Bryan, Chandler, Tristan, Justice, Savannah, Megan & Tanner
  • Happy birthday Bo Fullner from Grandma & Linda
  • Happy anniversary Brian & Beth Schultz from your Beemer friends & neighbors
Monday, June 3rd
  • Happy 1st birthday Stetson Wallace Green love Grampy & Grammy
  • Happy anniversary Allan & Marilyn Andersen from George & Judy Godel
  • Happy 24th anniversary Heather & Steve Ott from Mom  & Dad
Tuesday, June 4th
  • Happy birthday Shane Batenhorst from Rollin & Faye
Wednesday, June 5th
  • Happy 6th birthday Jozie Pierce from Grandpa & Grandma
Thursday, June 6th
  • Happy birthday Taylor Steffensmeier from Dad, Mom, Alex, Katelyn & Austin
  • Happy birthday Roger Vander Pol from the Bowling Bs
  • Happy birthday Daryle Urwiler from your family
Friday, June 7th
  • Happy birthday Tony Moseman love Casey, Colton & Marysa
Saturday, June 8th
  • Happy birthday Angie love Brandon
  • Happy birthday Mom love Julia, Kylie & Carter
  • Happy birthday Angie love Mom, Dad, TJ, Amanda, Olive & Owen
Sunday, June 9th
  • None
Monday, June 10th
  • Happy birthday Ruth love Brian
  • Happy birthday Mom love Riley & Hailey
  • Happy birthday Ruth love Mom & Dad, Steve & Stacy, Laura & Kirby and Deana
  • Happy birthday Aunt Ruth love Chase Melanie & Brielle
Tuesday, June 11st
  • Happy birthday Logan love Jody
Wednesday, June 12th
  • Happy birthday Mommy love Weldon
  • Happy birthday Chelsea Dale love Mom, Cassie, Cody, April & family
Thursday, June 13th
  • Happy birthday Vaughn Stiles from George & Judy Godel
Friday, June 14th
  • Happy birthday Mardell from the Mayberry’s Gang
Saturday, June 15th
  • None
Sunday, June 16th
  • None
Monday, June 17th
  • None
Tuesday, June 18th
  • None
Wednesday, June 19th
  • None
Thursday, June 20th
  • None
Friday, June 21st
  • Happy birthday Abigale Petersen love Grampy & Grammy
Saturday, June 22nd
  • None
Sunday, June 23rd
  • Happy birthday Ashley Marks love Grampy & Grammy
Monday, June 24th
  • None
Tuesday, June 25th
  • Happy birthday Pam Petersen love Terry & Nancy
Wednesday, June 26th
  • None
Thursday, June 27th
  • None
Friday, June 28th
  • None
Saturday, June 29th
  • Happy birthday Jeff Petersen love Mom & Dad
  • Happy birthday Mariah Petersen from the Bremerman’s
Sunday, June 30th
  • None
Monday, July 1st
  • None
Tuesday, July 2nd
  • None
Wednesday, July 3rd
  • None
Thursday, July 4th
  • None
Friday, July 5th
  • None
Saturday, July 6th
  • None
Sunday, July 7th
  • None
Monday, July 8th
  • None
Tuesday, July 9th
  • Happy birthday Rod Hitz from George & Judy Godel
  • Happy birthday Miles love Jody
  • Happy birthday Chris from Mark & Karen
Wednesday, July 10th
  • Happy birthday Glenn Hagedorn love Alex, Jason, Lauryn & Brandon
  • Happy birthday Glenn Hagedorn love Tim, Jessica & Baby Jane
Thursday, July 11th
  • None
Friday, July 12th
  • Happy birthday Ronny Petersen love Grampy & Grammy
Saturday, July 13th
  • None
Sunday, July 14th
  • Happy birthday Alex Hagedorn love Dad, Jason, Lauryn & Brandon
  • Happy birthday Alex Hagedorn love Mom, Shane, Jason, Lauryn & Brandon
Monday, July 15th
  • None
Tuesday, July 16th
  • None
Wednesday, July 17th
  • None
Thursday, July 18th
  • None
Friday, July 19th
  • None
Saturday, July 20th
  • Happy birthday Mom love Brian & Michelle, Brenda and Greg
  • Happy birthday Grandma love Sarah, Devin & Karissa
  • Happy birthday Joyce love Russ & Kathy, Deb & Jim, Mark & Karen and Bruce & Kat and their families
Sunday, July 21st
  • None
Monday, July 22nd
  • None
Tuesday, July 23rd
  • Happy anniversary Dave & Amanda Diekemper from Tim, Jessica & Baby Jane
Wednesday, July 24th
  • None
Thursday, July 25th
  • None
Friday, July 26th
  • None
Saturday, July 27th
  • None
Sunday, July 28th
  • None
Monday, July 29th
  • None
Tuesday, July 30th
  • Happy birthday Grandma love Jakson, Bailey, Brea & Becca
  • Happy birthday Mom love Jeff & Bonnie
Wednesday, July 31st
  • Happy birthday Marysa Moseman love Dad, Mom & Colton
Thursday, August 1st
  • None
Friday, August 2nd
  • None
Saturday, August 3rd
  • Happy birthday Danielle Cleary love Mom & Dad
  • Happy birthday Mommy love Isaac, Bentley & Lucas
Sunday, August 4th
  • None
Monday, August 5th
  • None