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Mosquito-borne virus threat grows with new Michigan cases

(NEW YORK) -- Michigan health officials amped up their warning about a rare mosquito-borne virus Tuesday, after the state's Department of Health and Human Services confirmed four new cases of Eastern equine encephalitis disease (EEE). Two of the state's seven cases so far this year were fatal."Michigan is currently experiencing…... Read More

Seven ways to take care of your skin this fall

(NEW YORK) -- You change your wardrobe each season -- so why not change your skin care routine, as well? ABC News' Good Morning America spoke with skin care experts about how the change from summer to cooler months can affect your skin. "I often tell my patients that when…... Read More

Woman took five simple steps to lose 100 pounds in one year

(NEW YORK) -- One day in 2017, Martha Elizondo found herself in the scale aisle at a local Walmart."I had a number in my mind that I thought I was," she told ABC News' Good Morning America. The number she actually saw -- 250 pounds -- sent her onto the…... Read More

The connection between violent video games, racial bias and school shootings

(NEW YORK) -- When a school shooting hits the news, are we more likely to blame violent video games if the shooter is white?Politicians, the media and even scholars often do.President Donald Trump previously stated, "I'm hearing more and more people say the level of violence on video games is…... Read More

Bakers beware: General Mills recalls Gold Medal flour over E. coli fears

(NEW YORK) -- Bakers beware.General Mills issued a voluntary recall of Gold Medal unbleached all-purpose flour this week over fears that it may be contaminated with E. coli.The food and beverage giant said the recall applies to 5-pound bags with a "better if used by" date of Sept. 6, 2020.There…... Read More

Mom's candid post about 'painful' postpartum is as real as it gets

(NEW YORK) -- Those first few photos after the birth of a child are usually beautiful: Mom and baby's first meeting, a shot with dad and baby's siblings.But the story behind the smiling photos is sometimes not so picture perfect. One mom's Instagram post about the pain she experienced postpartum…... Read More

Adopted California woman takes DNA test to learn about family's health history, but finds her father and sisters

(NEW YORK) -- A California woman who never knew her parents took a DNA test to learn more about their health history, but came away with the results of a lifetime: a family.Christine Shepherd, who turns 54 on Saturday, was adopted at birth in 1953 and didn’t know anything about…... Read More

Many women say 1st sexual experience was forced in teens, new study finds

(NEW YORK) -- As the #MeToo era continues to unfold, a new study shows how often the first sexual experience for women is forced or coerced.One in 16 women reported experiencing forced sexual initiation, usually in their teen years and usually with someone a few years older, according to research…... Read More

First case of eastern equine encephalitis confirmed in Connecticut, health officials say

(EAST LYME, Conn.) -- The first case of eastern equine encephalitis has been confirmed in Connecticut as the virus continues to spread across North America.The mosquito-borne virus was detected in an adult from the town of East Lyme, who fell ill in August, Connecticut Department of Public Health Commissioner Renée…... Read More

Scientists step closer to cure for common cold: What you need to know

(SAN FRANCISCO) -- Scientists in California believe they may be on the brink of a medical breakthrough for the common cold. What did they find?Research teams at Stanford University and the University of California-San Francisco found that temporarily disabling a single, noncritical protein in cells may halt the replication of…... Read More

1-year-old meets doctor who might be the only one able to cure his rare disease

(NEW YORK) -- When Jason and Tara Borofka took their 1-year-old named J.T. in for a checkup when he was 2 months old, the pediatrician said he looked a little pale. The doctor ran a blood test and it showed J.T. had lower levels of iron and hemoglobin -- a…... Read More