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‘Hug Time’: Woman’s clever invention allows family to give grandma safe hugs

By HALEY YAMADA, ABC News(ROCKFORD, Ill.) -- While hugging has proven difficult amid social distancing guidelines from the coronavirus pandemic, that didn't stop Carly Marinaro, who created the "Hug Time'' plastic shield, from surprising her 85-year-old grandmother with safe hugs from her and her grandchildren.Marinaro, from Rockford, Illinois, said it…... Read More

How to stay safe outside ahead of Memorial Day weekend

By BECKY WORLEY and SARAH MESSER, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- For many, summer is usually spent among friends and family at barbecues or bon fires. And for kids out of school, it usually means daytime play dates with pals. However, with the coronavirus pandemic, summer looks a bit different this…... Read More

Mayo Clinic doctors find many COVID-19 antibody tests fail their quality standards: ABC News exclusive

By DR. MARK ABDELMALEK and MEGAN CHRISTIE, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- A number of commercially available COVID-19 antibody tests, which look at a patient’s blood for signs of past infection, did not pass Mayo Clinic quality screening or meet their expectations for use, researchers from the hospital concluded in a…... Read More

Doctor navigates culture, stigma to address black mental health amid COVID-19

By ABBY CRUZ (NEW YORK) -- With mental health resources in high demand during the coronavirus pandemic, one doctor has stepped up to give tips online and through her book to help others cope.Dr. Rheeda Walker created a guide for people of color who cannot afford or do not have…... Read More

Study finds earlier coronavirus restrictions in US could have saved 36K lives. White House blames China

By BEN GITTLESON, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- After researchers at Columbia University this week estimated about 36,000 lives in the United States could have been saved from the novel coronavirus had social distancing and other restrictions been put in place a week earlier in March, the White House on Thursday…... Read More

In nursing homes, as in wider community, minorities hit hardest by COVID, researchers say

By ALLISON PECORIN and MATTHEW MOSK, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Nursing homes serving mostly minority populations are twice as likely to experience a deadly coronavirus outbreak as those with mostly white residents, according to new research on the devastating impact the highly contagious illness is having on vulnerable residential care…... Read More

How herd immunity may protect us from COVID-19

By PRIYA AMIN, DR. MARK ABDELMALEK and LUCIEN BRUGGEMAN, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- The old saying goes: "There's strength in numbers." And now, it turns out numbers may be the greatest defense against the spread of COVID-19.It's a concept called herd immunity: Once enough people become immune to the novel…... Read More

Buyer beware? What to know about direct-to-consumer antibody tests

BY EDEN DAVID, ABC NEWS(NEW YORK) -- You may have heard a lot about COVID-19 antibody testing recently. In fact, your doctor may have even offered you the option of getting the test.Just because you can get an antibody test, should you?Antibody tests are most useful from a public health…... Read More

CDC provides COVID-related guidance for going to the pool this summer

By IVAN PEREIRA, ABC News(ATLANTA) -- If you're heading to the pool this summer, you'll have to bring your swim cap, goggles, towel -- and face covering.The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new coronavirus-related guidance for swimmers and employees at the country's pools as they reopen to crowds…... Read More

Many New Yorkers who suspected they had COVID-19 did not, study finds

By MEGAN CHRISTIE and DR. MARK ABDELMALEK, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- “I think I had it.” You’ve likely heard someone say it, or perhaps you’ve been muttering it yourself.It seems these months of quarantine-life and a growing list of COVID-19 symptoms are leading many to think back to that stubborn…... Read More

FTC, DOJ crack down on surge of allegedly fraudulent COVID-19 'treatments'

By PIERRE THOMAS, GERRY WAGSCHAL, ALEXANDER MALLIN and ROBYN WEIL, ABC News(WASHINGTON) -- The Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department are seeing a rising number of promotions of allegedly bogus treatments and cures for COVID-19, which they charge are in certain cases pushed directly by doctors and other licensed health…... Read More