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New measles case reported in metro Atlanta

(ATLANTA) -- Cobb County, a suburban part of Atlanta, Georgia, confirmed a case of measles in an unvaccinated person, according to state health officials.The individual may have exposed others to the infectious disease between Oct. 31 and Nov. 6, health officials said Saturday.The case is the latest in what's been…... Read More

13-year-old Broadway star Laurel Griggs dies after asthma attack, family says

(NEW YORK) -- A 13-year-old Broadway actress, Laurel Griggs, has died after an apparently fatal asthma attack.Laurel appeared in the Tony award-winning show, Once. The musical shared news of the star's passing in a Facebook post Saturday."This beautiful young lady was part of our Once family. Please keep her family…... Read More

Anti-vaccine leaders targeting minority becomes growing concern at NYC forum

(NEW YORK) -- Despite decades of rigorous research, proving time and time again that vaccines are safe, and copious evidence that vaccines work, saving an estimated 732,000 children’s lives and preventing millions of hospitalizations over the last 20 years, the scientific community continues to fend off assaults from a relatively…... Read More

Results of 10-year-study link insomnia with heart disease and stroke

By Dr. Angelo Landriscina (NEW YORK) --  People who have trouble sleeping may be at higher risk of heart disease and stroke according to a new study published today in the medical journal Neurology.Researchers from Peking University in Beijing China followed 487,200 Chinese adults for a decade to examine the…... Read More

CDC identifies Vitamin E Acetate as a 'strong culprit' in vaping related illnesses and deaths

(ATLANTA) -- Officials have identified Vitamin E Acetate as a "strong culprit" in the vaping-related lung injuries that left thousands sick and 39 people dead, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Friday. The agency collected lung fluid samples of patients with EVALI, short for "E-cigarettes or Vaping…... Read More

5-year-old credited with saving mom's life when her blood sugar got too low

(HOUSTON) -- A young boy is being hailed a hero after his quick thinking helped save his mother's life.Chelsie Montemayor was unresponsive last Friday due to dangerously low blood sugar and her 5-year-old son Benjamin called his grandmother when he noticed something was wrong."He was crying, he was screaming. 'Memaw,…... Read More

Wisconsin state Assembly passes slate of suicide prevention bills

(MADISON, Wis.) -- Wisconsin state Assembly Republicans passed a slate of laws aimed at suicide prevention Thursday, in response to rising suicide rates in the state."Every one of us, unfortunately, has a friend, family member or colleague, who has been in a really bad place," Rep. Robin Vos, speaker of…... Read More

White House says to expect announcement on ban of flavored vape products next week

(WASHINGTON) -- The Trump administration will announce the details of a possible ban on flavored e-cigarette and vaping products next week, President Donald Trump said Friday."We're going to be coming out with a very important position on vaping," Trump told reporters at the White House. "We have to take care…... Read More

Mom keeps fighting to cure daughter's rare disease

(NEW YORK) -- There is not enough time in the day for Amber Olsen.An average day for this mother means working as a business owner of the staffing company, Nextaff Gulf Coast, taking care of her two teenage daughters and finding a cure for her youngest daughter, Willow, who has…... Read More

Sculpture honoring trans, gender nonconforming communities unveiled in New York City

(NEW YORK) -- Artist Rubem Robierb’s sleek white sculpture of massive butterfly wings certainly makes a statement."In tribute to the strength and bravery of the trans [and gender nonconforming] community, ‘Dandara’ has an important message and meaning," Robierb said at the unveiling on Monday in New York City. "I felt…... Read More

Teen 'Jeopardy!' champ donates $10K to cancer research in Alex Trebek's honor

(NEW YORK) -- The category is: Cancer research, for $10,000.November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month, and Avi Gupta, a teen Jeopardy! champ who took home $100,000 over the summer, has donated part of his earnings to cancer research in honor of Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, who revealed his stage 4…... Read More

These 20 names are predicted to be the top baby names of 2020

(NEW YORK) -- Move over Sophia and Isabelle -- Adah is coming to a nursery near you.The name is predicted by popular baby naming web site Nameberry to be the "top girl name of 2020." The site bases its predictions of top baby names for the coming years by calculating…... Read More

Mammoth bones found in man-made pit reveal tantalizing evidence of hunting behavior

(MEXICO CITY) -- Anthropologists in Mexico say they’ve uncovered more than 800 bones from 14 mammoths, in two human-made traps north of Mexico City, which are thought to be 15,000 years old.The pits -- which are 6 feet deep and 25 yards in diameter -- were discovered when the site…... Read More

Saying 'no' to screen time limits: The Mom-troversy

(NEW YORK) -- Screen time: It's the home battlefield between parents and kids. But should it be?Some parents are saying 'no,' and refuse to set limits on how much time their kids spend on devices.Franci Haskell is one of those parents. Her two sons, ages 9 and 11, are allowed…... Read More