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Children's hospitals ask feds for more money amid 'catastrophic loss' due to coronavirus

By OLIVIA RUBIN, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- The leaders of over 75 children's hospitals across the country on Monday asked the federal government for more funding to help sustain their operations and offset the "catastrophic loss" they have faced during the coronavirus pandemic. "To sustain this critical infrastructure for our…... Read More

Could dogs help detect COVID-19 in humans?

By DRAGANA JOVANOVIC, ABC News(LONDON) -- Dogs have a remarkable sense of smell and scientists are studying whether our canine friends could help identify people infected with the novel coronavirus.Medical Detection Dogs, a British charity, has already succeeded in training dogs to detect the odor of malaria, cancer and Parkinson's…... Read More

Does COVID-19 cause delirium? Doctors race to understand its impact on the brain

By DR. L. NEDDA DASTMALCHI and IMRAN ALI, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- As we continue to learn about the novel coronavirus, it's become clear that its effects on the body extend well beyond the lungs. Now, doctors are racing to understand one of its most disturbing targets: the brain.Doctors across…... Read More

2-year-old who received new heart during pandemic finally heads home

By NICOLE PELLETIERE, ABC News(TEMPLE, Texas) -- A toddler who received a heart transplant amid the novel coronavirus pandemic is now home after spending months in the hospital.Barron Shoemaker of Temple, Texas, underwent surgery on March 24 at the Texas Children's Hospital. After his April 21 discharge, the 2-year-old was…... Read More

Coronavirus vaccine tests show promise in early human testing: Study

By SONY SALZMAN and IVAN PEREIRA, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- The biotech company researching a coronavirus vaccine released early results of its phase 1 testing Monday, saying it found promising results so far.Moderna, which conducted the first human trials, said its vaccine, mRNA-1273, was "generally safe and well-tolerated" in its…... Read More

Survivors Unite: ABC News correspondent meets plasma recipient

By ANGELINE JANE BERNABE and JENNA HARRISON, ABC News (NEW YORK) -- When Daniel Macias was suddenly hospitalized with COVID-19 in early April, doctors were running out of options for treatments as his condition quickly worsened.“The doctors told us my dad had a 20 percent chance of living,” Macias’ daughter,…... Read More

How apps could change the workplace after coronavirus crisis

By LEIGHTON SCHNEIDER and MICHAEL DOBUSKI, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Imagine you are going in to work. If you work in an office building, you probably have to go through the front doors, maybe past a security desk. You might even get on an elevator.You may pick up some coffee…... Read More

How apps could change the workplace after coronavirus crisis

(NEW YORK) -- Imagine you are going in to work. If you work in an office building, you probably have to go through the front doors, maybe past a security desk. You might even get on an elevator.You may pick up some coffee or tea in the break room and…... Read More

Psychological toll of reopening to further divide between 'haves' and 'have-nots'

Yet like the virus' impact, the psychological impact of reopening will be disproportionate. It is bound to deepen the already-stark divide in the country between the haves and the have-nots -- those who can choose when they'd like to return to normal life and those who have been deemed essential…... Read More

With over 200 possible cases, doctors warn reports of rare, coronavirus-linked child inflammatory illness likely to rise

By OLIVIA RUBIN and SOO RIN KIM, ABC NEWSMedical professionals in 20 states and Washington D.C. are investigating more than 200 confirmed or suspected cases of a mysterious illness thought to be linked to the coronavirus and affecting children, according to a new ABC News survey of hospital and state…... Read More

Law enforcement groups urge mental health awareness amid coronavirus

By LUKE BARR, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Officer Charles "Rob" Roberts, a 20-year veteran of the Glen Ridge Police Department in New Jersey, died from COVID-19 on Monday.The department says Roberts contracted the virus in April while on the job. After nearly three weeks in the hospital, he became one…... Read More

Face masks? Gloves? Appointments? What gyms will look like amid COVID-19

By KATIE KINDELAN, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Gyms are known for being social places where people share equipment, are often in close quarters with strangers and sweat together.All of that is changing as gyms start to reopen in parts of the U.S. amid the coronavirus pandemic.In Oklahoma -- where gyms…... Read More

Coronavirus contact tracers' nemeses: People who don't answer their phones

By BENJAMIN SIEGEL, DR. MARK ABDELMALEK and JAY BHATT, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Massachusetts, praised by public health officials for being one of the first states to set up a coronavirus contact tracing program, is running into a problem: people aren’t picking up their phones.When investigators reach out to infected…... Read More

Dramatic drop in cancer diagnoses amid COVID pandemic is cause for concern, doctors say

By DR. MARK ABDELMALEK and LUCIEN BRUGGEMAN, ABC News(NEW YORK) -- At the onset of the novel coronavirus, American healthcare providers sought to limit non-essential in-person visits, opting instead to put off routine examinations -- including annual cancer screenings -- as part of an effort to curb risky face-to-face interactions.This…... Read More