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UK enforces virtual coronavirus lockdown, as PM declares 'national emergency'

(LONDON) -- U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced unprecedented new restrictions to British life in an address to the nation Monday night, as he declared the coronavirus outbreak a “moment of national emergency.” Johnson declared that the new measures were necessary to “protect the NHS's [National Health Service’s] ability to…... Read More

Americans stranded overseas grow frustrated with State Dept. response

NOTE: The State Department is urging all Americans stranded overseas to enroll in the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) at so that they receive the latest information, including on possible repatriation flights, from the local U.S. embassy. Americans can also call the department and its new repatriation task force…... Read More

Ocean cruise held at sea amid coronavirus finally comes to end

(HONOLULU) -- Nearly 2,000 anxious passengers aboard a crippled Norwegian Cruise Line ship that has been turned away from multiple emergency ports of call due to the coronavirus pandemic disembarked in Honolulu on Monday amid a stay-at-home order for local residents.None of the passengers or crew members aboard the Norwegian…... Read More

What US can learn from Italy about responding to coronavirus

(NEW YORK) -- A new phase of the novel coronavirus has started. Cities shut down, workers sent home, schools canceled and so much uncertainty with the economy. There are more questions than answers right now, and the United States seems to be one of the last to feel the brunt…... Read More

US to cut $1B to Afghanistan to prod leaders, move peace process forward

(WASHINGTON) -- After weeks of political in-fighting have paralyzed the Afghan government and frozen the peace process between it and the Taliban, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a surprise trip to the country Monday to prod its leaders to end their dispute and form a government.But after departing Kabul…... Read More

Why is Russia reporting so few COVID-19 cases? Some say it's a cover-up

(NEW YORK) -- As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread around the world, there are growing questions in Russia about the official number of cases that have been declared.According to the count released by its health ministry, Russia currently has only 253 confirmed cases of the virus. That is vastly…... Read More

UK announces closure of bars, restaurants and cafes to combat coronavirus

(LONDON) -- The U.K. government has ordered that cafes, bars and restaurants must close "as soon as they reasonably" can to combat the coronavirus outbreak.Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the sweeping measures at a press conference Friday, as government guidelines, which advised residents 70 or older, medically vulnerable groups and…... Read More

Italy's coronavirus death toll surpasses China's as doctors plead for more aid

(NEW YORK) -- The coronavirus death toll in Italy surpassed China’s for the first time, becoming the first country to do so, as the prime minister announced that a task force of 300 volunteer doctors will be despatched to the worst affected areas of the country. As of Thursday, the…... Read More

US evacuating Americans from Morocco, as bans to block virus strand thousands abroad

(NEW YORK) -- The U.S. has arranged chartered flights to evacuate Americans out of Morocco, according to an alert sent by the embassy and obtained by ABC News.Hundreds of Americans have been stuck in the North Africa country for days after the government announced Sunday it would shut down all…... Read More

American furloughed from Iranian prison as coronavirus raises concerns for those detained abroad

(NEW YORK) – Iran has granted medical furlough to a former U.S. Navy veteran who had been detained for over 600 days on trumped up charges, according to his family and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The family of Michael White had been expressing increased concern about his health, saying his immune…... Read More

Americans trapped in Morocco, Peru plea for US help getting home

(NEW YORK) -- Art Goldberg and Sarajane Johnson toured the streets of Marrakesh Wednesday, but not exactly as planned. Confined to a bus to keep their distance, they drove through streets of closed tea shops and spice vendors, palaces and museums -- even as Morocco's government moves to seal its…... Read More

The royals react to coronavirus: From homeschooling to canceled wedding reception

(LONDON) -- Britain's royal family is being affected by the coronavirus pandemic as cases of COVID-19, as it is officially known, continue to grow in the United Kingdom.Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the two oldest children of Prince William and Kate, will be homeschooled starting Friday.Their school, Thomas's Battersea, a…... Read More

Venice canals are clear enough to see fish as coronavirus halts tourism in the city

(VENICE, Italy) -- The coronavirus pandemic has had an unexpected side effect in Venice, where the normally cloudy canals have transformed into water crystal clear enough to see fish swimming below.Italy's tourism industry came to a screeching halt once the number of coronavirus cases began to spike in the country,…... Read More

'Much worse than you thought': Italians share messages warning others of coronavirus impacts

(ROME) -- The videos came from hundreds of Italians across the country as they observed a nationwide lockdown, but the message for other countries was the same: Don't underestimate this.Italy has been particularly hard-hit by the novel coronavirus pandemic, with more than 35,000 confirmed cases and the second-highest number of…... Read More