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Harvest Break 2015

Harvest Break

How about taking a Harvest Break with KTIC, Kaup Seed & Fertilizer,  Soil Solutions LLC, Connealy Insurance & Strongfield Resources.
We want you to be safe, so take a harvest break with KTIC!

Harvest Break lunches are brought to you by Kaup Seed & Fertilizer
& Soil Solutions LLC,  Connealy Insurance, Strongfield Resources and the staff at KTIC!

Think safety this harvest season!!

Look who we are bringing lunch to:
Leroy Parr, Uehling NE
Ryan Sabotka, Weston NE
Josh & Darcy Alexander (Alexander Farm & Feedlot), Pilger NE
Les Wagner, Bancroft
Vernon Bourek, Howells
Kim Schold, Oakland

Harvest Break Brought to you by
Soil Solutions REVISED
Connealy Insurance 180x-150

Kaup Seed & FertilizerStrongFieldResources180x-150