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Nebraska Strong Drive for Flood Relief

In the last week, Nebraskans have dealt with historic flooding, evacuations, the loss of homes, farms, and ranches, and in some cases even having their community cut off from outside travel.

But through it all, we’ve stuck together. It’s our spirit that’s carried us, our grit that’s pushed us to help others. And it will be our heart that keeps us looking toward tomorrow with Nebraska’s bright future on the horizon. We are Nebraska, and we are Nebraska Strong.

So, Friday, March 22nd from 5am to 11pm  we’re asking you to show that heart to help our fellow Nebraskans with the Nebraska Strong Drive for Flood Relief. Call 844-278-8555 and make a donation to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund to the support flood relief efforts. It’s your chance to make a difference for the thousands of Nebraskans who have been affected by this historic disaster.

Call 844-278-8555 to make a donation and together we’ll stay Nebraska Strong.