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Birthday & Anniversaries

To have a birthday or anniversary announcement posted on the website
click here to e-mail the information to 107.9 The Bull.
Be sure to include the person or couples name; first and last, and address,
the date of the birthday or anniversary and who the greeting is from.
Or if you don’t have email fill out the form below.

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Tuesday, September 29th
  • Happy birthday Tom Rotta from Stanley Groth
  • Happy birthday Bo Brester from the Brichascek’s
  • Happy birthday Jane Breitkreutz from the Marx’s
  • Happy birthday Joey Buresh from Brad & Laura Cornell
  • Happy anniversary Brent & Becky love the Bourek family
  • Happy anniversary Lumir & Mary Cech love Ernie & Linda Cech
Wednesday, September 30th
  • Happy birthday Janice Oswald from Stan Groth
  • Happy birthday Dave Pieper from Mark & Kathy and family
  • Happy birthday Melissa Haase love Mom
  • Happy birthday Missy Haase love Tom, Jan, Michael & Addison
  • Happy Anniversary Brent & Becky Brabec Love Dad & Mom
Thursday, October 1st
  • Happy birthday Dallas Heckens from Judy Godel
  • Happy birthday Marilee Groth from Stanley Groth
  • Happy anniversary Alex Norton love Jamie
  • Happy anniversary Lindsey & Steve love Mom & Dad
  • Happy anniversary Mommy & Daddy love Sophia & Hayden
  • Happy anniversary Aunt Lindsey & Uncle Steve love Cooper & Carleigh
Friday, October 2nd
  • Happy birthday Taylor Jo love Nick
  • Happy birthday Taylor love Mom, Dad, Ashley, Aaron, Krista, Casey & Ronny
  • Happy birthday Taylor Petersen love Grampy & Grammy
  • Happy birthday Aunt Taylor love Wesley & Stetson
Saturday, October 3rd
  • Happy birthday Joel from the Uhings
Sunday, October 4th
  • Happy birthday Mommy love Sophia & Hayden
  • Happy birthday Lindsey love Mom & Dad
  • Happy birthday Aunt Lindsey love Cooper & Carleigh
Monday, October 5th
  • Happy birthday Nancy Scott from Judy Godel
  • Happy birthday Mom love Roger & Connie
  • Happy birthday Grandma/Great-Grandma Pflueger love Michael, Helen, Thomas, John and Jeffrey, Bonnie, Jakson, Bailey, Brea & Becca
  • Happy anniversary Dallas & Eva Heckens from Judy Godel
Tuesday, October 6th
  • Happy anniversary Tanner love always, Danielle
  • Happy anniversary Mom & Daddy Tanner love Isaac, Bentley, Lucas & Baby A
Wednesday, October 7th
  • Happy birthday Marla Godel love Judy Godel
  • Happy birthday Krista love Casey
  • Happy birthday Mommy love Wesley & Stetson
  • Happy birthday Krista love Mom, Dad, Ashley, Aaron, Nick, Taylor & Ronny
Thursday, October 8th
  • Happy birthday Dad from Cindy & Kevin and Kathy & Chris
  • Happy birthday Grandpa Ted Gentrup from Alex, Katelyn, Austin, Taylor & Danielle
  • Happy birthday Aunt Kalli love Rhett & Dawsyn
Friday, October 9th
  • None
Saturday, October 10th
  • Happy anniversary Rod & Karen Hitz love Judy Godel
  • Happy birthday Grandma Hegeman love Gavin & Brooklyn
Sunday, October11th
  • Happy birthday Tom Baumert from Monte, Melissa, Abby, Ty & Calvin
  • Happy birthday Gage from Lauren, Aaron & Lane
Monday, October 12th
  • Happy birthday Lane love Mom & Dad
Tuesday, October 13th
  • Happy birthday Christina Uhing from David, Alisa, Bryce, Wyatt, Tavis & Keryn
  • Happy birthday Darryl Frerichs from Stanley Groth
  • Happy anniversary Mom & Dad love Ruth, Brian, Steve, Stacy, Laura, Kirby & Deana
  • Happy anniversary Grandma & Papa love Riley, Hailey, Chase, Melanie & Brielle
  • Happy anniversary Mark & Karen Benne from everyone at KTIC & the BULL
Wednesday, October 14th
  • Happy birthday Carol Frerichs from Stanley Groth
Thursday, October 15th
  • Happy birthday Tim Hagedorn love Jessica
  • Happy birthday Dad love Jane, Kendra & Chelsey
Friday, October 16th
  • None
Saturday, October 17th
  • Happy birthday Uncle Kyler love Ike
  • Happy birthday Kyler love Mom, Dad, Jacie, Darrin and Keyden
  • Happy birthday Kyler love Grandpa Bernard, Grandpa Throener and the rest of your family
  • Happy birthday Wesley love Mommy & Daddy
  • Happy birthday to my big brother, Wesley, love your little brother, Stetson
  • Happy birthday Wesley love Gram & Gramps
  • Happy birthday Wesley love your aunts: Ashley & Taylor and your Uncles: Nick, Ronny & Aaron
    Happy birthday Wesley love the Linder’s, Miserez’s, Miller’s, the Iowa Petersen’s and Wendlands
Sunday, October 18th
  • Happy birthday Eva Heckens from Judy Godel
  • Happy birthday Gary Tienken from Stanley Groth
  • Happy birthday Monte Haase love Melissa, Abby, Ty & Calvin
  • Happy birthday Monte Haase love Linda
  • Happy anniversary Dad & Mom love Olive & Owen
  • Happy anniversary TJ & Amanda love Mom, Dad, Angie, Brandon, Julia, Kylee & Carter
Monday, October 19th
  • Happy birthday Jan Lintner Fullner from Judy Godel
  • Happy birthday Ryder Stigge love Mom, Dad & Collin
Tuesday, October 20th
  • Happy birthday Bev love Tom
  • Happy birthday Mom love Angie, Brandon, TJ & Amanda
  • Happy birthday Mimi love Julia, Kylee, Carter, Olive & Owen
  • Happy birthday Bev from Mark, Kathy, Debbie, Pam, Mark & Karen
  • Happy anniversary Tom & Jan Baumert love Monte, Melissa, Abby, Ty & Calvin
Wednesday, October 21st
  • Happy 1st birthday Emma Maas love Dad, Mom & Conner
Thursday, October 22nd
  • None
Friday, October 23rd
  • None
Saturday, October 24th
  • Happy birthday Lela Frerichs from Stanley Groth
Sunday, October25th
  • None
Monday, October 26th
  • Happy birthday Justin love Sara
  • Happy birthday Justin love Dad, Mom, Darrin, Jacie & Chase
  • Happy birthday Uncle Justin love Ike
  • Happy birthday Carleigh Klitz love Cooper, Sophia & Hayden
  • Happy birthday Carleigh Klitz love Grandpa & Grandma
Tuesday, October 27th
  • None
Wednesday, October 28th
  • None
Thursday, October 29th
  • Happy birthday Colby from Lauren, Aaron & Lane
Friday, October 30th
  • None
Saturday, October 31st
  • Happy birthday Andre Berg love Jason, Ashley, Kendrick & Aunali
Sunday, November 1st
  • None
Monday, November 2nd
  • None
Tuesday, November 3rd
  • None
Wednesday, November 4th
  • None
Thursday, November 5th
  • None
Friday, November 6th
  • Happy birthday Grandma Klitz love Sophia & Hayden Stumpe
Saturday, November 7th
  • Happy birthday Grandpa Brester love Rhett & Dawsyn
Sunday, November 8th
  • None
Monday, November 9th
  • Happy birthday Karter love Mom, Dad, Dylan, Kylie, Dalton & Dexter
Tuesday, November 10th
  • Happy birthday Buck from the Brichaceks
Wednesday, November 11th
  • None
Thursday, November 12th
  • None
Friday, November 13th
  • None
Saturday, November 14th
  • Happy birthday Grandma Brester love Rhett & Dawsyn
  • Happy birthday Allan Andersen from Judy Godel
Sunday, November 15th
  • Happy 1st birthday Ike love Mommy & Daddy
  • Happy 1st birthday Ike love Grandpa & Grandma Throener, Keyden & Kyler
  • Happy 1st birthday Ike love Grandpa & Grandma Eisenhauer, Justin and Chase
Monday, November 16th
  • None
Tuesday, November 17th
  • None
Wednesday, November 18th
  • Happy birthday Uncle Keyden love Ike
  • Happy birthday Keyden love Dad, Mom, Jacie, Darrin & Kyler
Thursday, November 19th
  • None
Friday, November 20th
  • None
Saturday, November 21st
  • None
Sunday, November 22nd
  • Happy birthday Linda Stiles love Judy Godel
  • Happy anniversary Mom & Dad love Jacie, Darrin, Keyden & Kyler
  • Happy anniversary Grandpa & Grandma Throener love Ike
  • Happy anniversary Duane & Jenny love your family
Monday, November 23rd
  • None
Tuesday, November 24th
  • Happy birthday Cindy Brester love Duane Brester
Wednesday, November 25th
  • Happy birthday Tucker from the Brichacek’s
Thursday, November 26th
  • Happy birthday Isaac love Mom, Daddy Tanner, Bentley & Lucas
Friday, November 27th
  • Happy birthday Aunt Lexie love Rhett & Dawsyn
Saturday, November 28th
  • None
Sunday, November 29th
  • Happy birthday Wyatt love Mom & Dad
  • Happy birthday Wyatt from Bryce, Tavis &Keryn
Monday, November 30th
  • Happy birthday Pam love Kyle
  • Happy birthday Mom love Darrin, Jacie, Justin & Chase
  • Happy birthday Grandma love Ike
  • Happy birthday Chris Stigge from Jamie, Collin & Ryder
Tuesday, December 1st
  • None
Wednesday, December 2nd
  • Happy birthday Uncle Brady love Rhett & Dawsyn
  • Happy anniversary Rudy love Tammi
Thursday, December 3rd
  • None
Friday, December 4th
  • Happy birthday Ruby love Tammi & Hunter
Saturday, December 5th
  • None
Sunday, December 6th
  • None
Monday, December 7th
  • None
Tuesday, December 8th
  • None
Wednesday, December 9th
  • None
Thursday, December 10th
  • Happy birthday Lucas love Mom, Daddy Tanner, Isaac & Bentley
Friday, December 11th
  • None
Saturday, December 12th
  • None
Sunday, December 13th
  • None
Monday, December 14th
  • None