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TOPEKA, Kan. — In response to a growing number of people searching for local and online meat sales, the Kansas Beef Council (KBC) is creating a digital platform to directly connect consumers looking to purchase beef with those who produce it. The online Kansas beef listing site also will provide factual information on how cattle are raised.

The new portal will be available to the public in June and will allow beef producers to share their contact information, including a website and social media platforms. The listing is free to Kansas beef producers and will be strategically targeted through Google ad campaigns to consumers searching for direct sale and online beef sources.

“Not all consumers will have the available cash or freezer space to purchase a bundle, quarter, side or whole beef,” said KBC Director of Communications Scott Stebner. “However, for consumers who are actively researching the option of purchasing their beef in this way, we want to be a science-based and convenient resource for them.”

KBC is accepting submissions to be included in the directory. Kansas beef producers looking to add their operation to the listing can do so by clicking here.

Another week closer to whatever the new norm will be.  Mind sets are starting to change.  Tough week was the corn market, folks are getting anxious to get back into the field.  Will there be big acres & supplies?  How is the basis holding out for corn & beans?  How is the ethanol market faring?  cattle started to stabilize-there is a long way yet to go.  Cash trade on cattle has slowed down.   What does all this pricing mean to the consumer as they head to the grocery store?  How did cash fair for cattle & hogs?