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DDgs & the Albion plant closing, ethanol, how long will all this last, will the corn market react.  A lot of stuff we haven’t had to deal with before.  Planting attentions report out tomorrow.  Has it been overlooked?  Self-isolation looked forward to for spring planting.  Weekly export numbers.  Beans have had some positive news to start out the week.  South American Ports & COVID-19.  Dollar movement how will that effect the trade.  Cattle didn’t trade limit down on the day-so that’s a positive.  Hogs unfortunately went lower on expanded limits.


Another down day…grains, livestock & stocks.  A lot of fear factor being built in.  Crude oil continues to fall…explain in relation to corn.  March 10th USDA WASDE Report.  Soft export market continues.  Chicago wheat the only market to see some positive trade numbers.  Feeder cattle lock down & struggle …following the equities as they follow what happens in the Coronavirus news.  Seen some solid demand in the hogs…but there is a lot of supply out there.