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Will cash stay where it is?  The difference between the board and cash…not seeing bids from buyers.    How will dairy in buyouts going to affect the market?  How big will these livestock get waiting to be processed.  Overall economy…unemployment numbers keep growing how does beef demand look going forward?  How will premium cuts suffer?  Do we have to go back to ’08 to look the struggles?  Limit down struggles continue in the hog market as well.  How does that filter into the grain market?  Ethanol & Carbon Dioxide.  May WASDE report and old crop balance sheets are talked about.  What about new crop balance sheets?



Another day of limit down trade.  What is going to happen to this cattle market…the effects on the cattle producer.  Volatility to this market trade today.  Why did the markets fail?  CME Floor trade closed-did that play a role?   Boxed beef was up $12 at noon today.  Futures failing…is this getting out of hand.  What is the cause?  Retail demand is picking up.  Friday rumors on plant workers how did that effect the market?   Hog cash news is firming.  Business & China is there fruit to that talk.  Grains had a devastating day.  Outside market influence in the trade.  Equities creating negativity.