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Grains continue to move higher being lead Thursday by wheat. Corn has almost all of it’s 2020/2021 contracts above the $4 mark. Soybeans continue to see strong soybean demand. Jeff Peterson, Heartland Farm Partners, discusses the fundamentals of what continues to drive the grain market higher. Of course with a market that doesn’t seem to want to stop has producers asking questions of what to do about selling into the cash market.

Peterson also addresses tough questions about China and the role their current strong demand is playing into this current market. Part of that discussion includes keying in on why the early week export inspections may be more important now than the weekly export sales report.

Cath the full conversation with Peterson here:

  • Recap the corn and soybean markets for the week.
  • Why have the markets been so volatile this week?
  • Did you see any surprises from the quarterly stocks report?
  • Do you think the smaller stocks were because of more demand or smaller crop?
  • Is there a way to forecast possible prices based on the information from the quarterly stock’s numbers?
  • What are possible corn and soybean prices based on the latest information?
  • How is the weather looking in South America?
  • What are the factors the corn and soybean markets will be focused on going forward?
  • What are your thoughts on basis going forward? Sell off combine or hold?

  • We can start out with a brief market recap.
  • Why were the corn and soybean markets down so much this week?
  • What impact are the funds having on the markets at this time?
  • How does the weather look in South America?
  • What Impact do you think the La Nina will have on South American Production?
  • How is the harvest progress?
  • What are the yields like so far?
  • What will the corn and soybean markets be focused on going forward?
  • Where could the corn and soybean prices be different yields.