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What is the current situation in the corn and soybean markets?
Do you think the worst of the Coronavirus is behind us? What could the signal that Coronavirus’s impact on the market is coming to an end? What does it take for the crude oil market to go higher?
How concerned are you about the ethanol Industry? Do you think today’s move higher in the markets means we are going higher from here? Do you think the short-term lows are in the corn and soybean markets? How much lower do you think we can go? What are some surprises the could help the corn and soybean market go higher?

How do the corn and soybean markets look to you?
Where were the markets last year at this time?
Why did the Corona Virus put so much pressure on the markets?
Do you think we have seen the worst of the Corona Virus?
What is the market going to be focused on going forward?

Corona Virus?
March Quarterly Stocks and Prospective Planting at the end of March
Spring Weather forecasts (Prevent Plant)
Corn – Exports and Ethanol Demand
Soybeans – Export Demand

How does the US weather look over the next couple of months?
How much prevent plant do you think there will be?
How does the corn export demand look?
How does the ethanol demand look currently?