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Grains and livestock start a holiday shortened week well within the green. South American weather is still dry and demand looks strong. These fundamentals continue to feed the soybean bulls. With continued strength in the soybeans the broader grain complex is moving higher with positive sentiment. Mike Zuzolo joins the Fontanelle Final Bell on Monday and outlines what can continue to support these bullish fundamentals. Zuzolo also highlights what data could swing the market to sell into current overbought signals.

Zuzolo also breaks down what farmers and ranchers should be watching in the energy market. 2021 already holds a lot of unknowns that could impact energy production and demand. Therefore ag producers need to be aware of their fuel needs and how they can address that risk.

The Fontanelle Final Bell ends on a livestock note with discussion on how protein demand could be different this holiday season.

Catch the full program here:

  • Lows in the box beef
  • Feeder cattle chart looks good
  • Do we hold or sell calves?
  • Could we see higher cash next week
  • Hogs moving sideways
  • Sitting with a lot of supply
  • COVID continues
  • WASDE from a livestock perspective
  • CME Pork cutout contract…will be watched by all Monday

  • What a marketing week
  • Cattle market finishes the week with some green
  • Everyone is talking about the election with risk off ahead of Tuesday
  • Should we be locking in some grain for winter?
  • What if cow/calf not yet marketed this year’s calves
  • Corn market closing for the week…might want some protection on the downside
  • How are the commercial spreads going?
  • Moral on the pork price…some big hogs in the country