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The grains saw their turn around Tuesday a day late. Following a lower overnight session and open grains found strength midday. On the Fontanelle Final Bell Arlan Suderman highlighted that funds continue to paint the grains with an inflationary bias. He see’s the recent down turn in the markets as a buying opportunity and believes the funds have bought the break. Of course there is still plenty to consider for the supply and demand side of the market. South America faces continued weather issues. Trucker strikes are paralyzing the slow harvests movement from the fields to the ports. In the US the next WASDE report is less than a week away and there are questions of how USDA will handle ending stocks of corn and soybeans.

During the Fontanelle Final Bell Suderman also discusses the global market picture and where China currently stands. The Lunar new year will occur next week and China will go into a week long celebration. Travel is being restricted due to Covid-19, but Suderman believes there will still be local celebrations given many missed out last year due to covid lockdowns.

You can hear all of Suderman’s comments here: