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The National Pork Industry Forum is going on in Kansas City, MO.  This serves as the venue for the annual meetings of the National Pork Board and National Pork Producers Council.  Here you will find updates from key leaders, guest speakers, and delegates representing producers from Nebraska.

Starting things off, here are a couple of reports with NE Pork Producers Assoc. Executive Director Al Juhnke on more background of Forum and what happens here….

Pork Act Delegates 2020

Picture: 2020 Pork Act Delegates in session March 5, 2020.


Here is Pork Act Delegate Darin Uhler from St. Paul, NE… he talks about some of the information offered during the National Pork Board annual meeting related to consumer preferences and trade….


NPPC Delegates 2020

Picture:  National Pork Producers Council Delegates in Session March 5, 2020.


Here’s Karen Grant of Meadow Grove, delegate from Nebraska to the National Pork Producers Council, on a resolution brought by Nebraska pork producers to NPPC for consideration….

Another perspective on NPPC delegate work with Mark Wright of Fremont, NPPC delegate from Nebraska…


USDA Undersecretary of Marketing & Regulatory Programs Greg Ibach spoke to attendees at the Forum Friday morning.  He outlined 5 points that USDA  would put into effect if African Swine Fever is detected in the U.S…..

·         The Secretary would immediately take necessary steps to declare an “extraordinary emergency” establishing USDA as the leader of a coordinated national approach to control and eradication, and ensuring the availability of funding and additional resources necessary for the response.

·         USDA would issue a national standstill of at least 72 hours to prohibit all movement of swine increasing USDA’s ability to stop disease spread and to act quickly to restore movement on a regionalized basis.

·         For the depopulation of infected and exposed animals, USDA would work with states and industry to utilize the most efficient and effective depopulation methods approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association that are appropriate for the affected premises.

·         To prevent virus from leaving infected premises, USDA will work proactively with industry and states to ensure producers have herd plans to deal with carcass disposal in line with regional and local requirements, supporting composting and burial in place as preferred options.

·         To reduce paperwork, USDA plans to pay for virus elimination at a uniform, flat rate, based on the size of affected premises.


Here’s a report from Pork Act delegate from Nebraska, Michael Luckey from Columbus….

National Pork Board member Bill Luckey from Columbus on the forum this year….

Here’s a segment with Russ Vering, member of the Board of Directors for the National Pork Producers Council…

National Pork Board CEO Bill Evan on forum and NPB priorities from 2019 and a preview of 2020…


As of the end of the Forum, AV Roth from Wisconsin is now the new President of the National Pork Producers Council!


KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI – March 5, 2020 – The National Pork Board presented its Distinguished Service Award to Bret Marsh, DVM, today during the National Pork Industry Forum in Kansas City. Marsh is the state veterinarian at the Indiana Board of Animal Health.

Distinguished Service Award to Bret Marsh, DVM

Each year, the Distinguished Service Award is presented at the U.S. pork industry’s annual business meeting to recognize an outstanding leader’s lifelong contribution to the pork industry.

“Bret has transformed the way producers work with government officials on regulatory issues,” said David Newman, National Pork Board president and a producer representing Arkansas. “What he was able to do in Indiana, and then transfer to a national level, has not only improved animal health and well-being, but his efforts have elevated the industry’s working relationship with state and federal government agencies.”

Marsh grew up in rural Indiana and earned a degree in animal science from Purdue University. After graduating from Purdue’s veterinarian medicine school, he began his career in regulatory medicine as the director of swine health programs with the Indiana State Board of Animal Health. Marsh has served as the state veterinarian for Indiana since 1994.

As a leader in multiple aspects of the pork industry, key highlights of Marsh’s service include: Co-chairing a working group to address Influenza in exhibition swine, serving on a special detail to the U.S. secretary of agriculture’s Homeland Security staff, serving on the national PEDV Task Force and the National Swine Disease Council and helping to make Indiana one of the first states to implement mandatory premises identification. Marsh has leveraged his key governmental position to effectively serve his office, producers, veterinarians and allied industry.

The National Pork Board and the National Pork Producers Council also presented Ken Horton, former state executive for the Texas Pork Producers Association, the Paulson-Whitmore State Executive Award. The award, which recognizes outstanding leadership and commitment of state pork association executives, is named in honor of two top leaders – Don Paulson, past Minnesota state pork executive, and Rex Whitmore, past Wisconsin state pork executive.

Ken Horton, former state executive for the Texas Pork Producers Association, the Paulson-Whitmore State Executive Award

KANSAS CITY – March 4, 2020 – To kick off its national forum meeting, the pork industry announced today that nearly 40,000 servings of pork will be donated to Harvesters – The Community Food Network. The donation, made by Prairie Fresh® Pork on behalf of attendees at the industry’s annual meeting, will help fight food insecurity in the Kansas City area. It highlights farmer commitment to the We CareSM ethical principles, which include a focus on caring for their communities.

“Helping to fight food insecurity in our local communities and across the United States is important to all pig farmers,” said David Newman, president of the National Pork Board and a pig farmer representing Arkansas. “The donation allows us to live out our We Care commitment during Pork Forum while providing safe and nutritious pork to those in need right here in Kansas City.”

Harvesters serves a 26-county area, including Kansas City, where one in eight individuals is food insecure. Children are often the most in need of food, with one in six children in Harvesters’ service area being food insecure. Only 57% of food-insecure children qualify for federal nutrition programs, meaning that 43% of food-insecure children and their parents are ineligible for federal assistance.

“Our producers at Seaboard Foods and Triumph Foods believe it’s important to support our communities,” said David Eaheart, senior director of communications and Prairie Fresh brand marketing at Seaboard Foods. “We are happy to make this donation on behalf of attendees of the National Pork Industry Forum, especially in Kansas City, where Prairie Fresh® Pork is headquartered.”