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Another low day in the markets, is the aid payment talk trigger some worries in the market place?  Waiting for trade deals to kick.  Bean funds are short going into the weekend.  Outlook forum brought no surprises.  Now what?  Ethanol margins flat, weather market heading into spring planting.  Dollar vs. real.  Livestock…hogs continue on a roller coaster-a lot of production out there, but no place to go globally.  Long term effects on the hog markets.

Coronavirus continues to have its effects on the markets.  Could we see some stimulation in the market from the world banks?  Weakness in the dollar-soon see a turn around?  Real has also been cheaper than our dollar.  Will that continue to hinder exports.  South American harvest & weather.   This is not a forever deal…the demand we have lost in the nearby will come back multiplied.  Struggles in the dairy, correction in the prices isn’t over yet.  Hog has their own struggles this week.  


Grains struggled in the Thursday trade.  Overall commodity weakens.  World Health Organization continues to talk about the Corona Virus.  The chatter has been the beans & how hard they were hit.  Wheat performance though is somewhat encouraging-even though we saw negative numbers.  Fear traded markets. Brazil real & how it is affecting our export opportunities in the U.S.   ASF & the vaccine.  Limit down hogs.  Cattle markets had an “okay” type of day.