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Soybean Gall Midge has been found in Saunders County.  In a recent email to producers,  Keith Glewen, Extension Educator, Eastern Nebraska Research & Extension Center shared the latest on the Soybean Gall Midge…

On July 1st, soybean gall midge adults were collected from this year’s soybean fields in Saunders County, NE indicating the start of the 1st generation of soybean gall midge. Adults are still emerging from last year’s soybean fields (overwintering generation) at a number of locations across the network.

Capturing adults from both fields indicates that we have an overlap in the overwintering and 1st generation. Wilted and dying plants (Fig. 1) from soybean gall midge have been noted at some locations late last week in Saunders County, Nebraska, and this week in Rock County, Minnesota.

Figure 1. Wilting and dead plants are showing up on field borders in Saunders County, NE. (Photo: Justin McMechan)

We currently don’t have any recommendations for applying insecticides against 1st generation adults. Adults emerging from this year’s soybean will likely continue to spread to the interior portion of the field. However, now is a good time to scout fields and document the presence or plant injury from soybean gall midge in your fields for future management.

For updates on adult emergence see soybeangallmidge.org